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The 5 Best Party Cities In The World, 2019

Amsterdam, Netherlands

In this century, everything has been about earning a livelihood and working 24/7. But it is important to understand that one should take a vacation and let off some steam because, at the end of the day, everybody deserves a break!  The idea of vacation can differ for each individual; some like to sit by the beach all day, and some like to go on a trek; some like to explore new places, and some like to party until the sun comes up again. If you belong to the community of party animals, following is the list encompassing the top 5 places to travel to if you like to party, curated especially for you!

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
    This place is very famous for its Red Light District but there are many more aspects of Amsterdam to look into. This place gives you the most chilled-out atmosphere to dwell into. The nightlife of Amsterdam is an eclectic mix of everything good you can think of. From clubs to dance bars to coffee shops to museums, Amsterdam offers you a variety of choices to spoil yourself. Their pubs and dance bars are mostly open till 3 a.m. Amsterdam is great when it comes to drugs as you can easily get access to them. To relax, there is a plethora of cute coffee shops to give you a kickstart to the day after your hangover.

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

  2. Rio De Janerio, Brazil.
    Rio De Janeiro’s nightlife attracts millions of visitors every year and the city is sure to give you an experience of a lifetime. There are pubs, discos, bars, and avenues of live music everywhere you look. The parties start at 11 p.m. and go on till dawn. The city is known for its lively bachelor parties, eclectic music, and party culture. Masquerade parties are also pretty popular in Rio. It is a perfect blend of beach parties, music, and crazy beer. Once you are here, you will forget all your deadlines and party like a madman. Rio is well known for their LGBTQ-friendly clubs and bars. They also have carnivals all around the year where you get a glimpse of their culture.

  3. Ibiza, Spain.
    This place is home to tons of beaches and also to a lot of clubs. This land of sunshine gives you the best clubs around the world to party. With best DJs all around the year, you can easily find a place of your liking with just the right type of music for you to dance to. The list of party places in Ibiza is endless and one is hardly able to choose one over the other because all of them are top-notch. Also known as ‘clubbing capital of the world’, this place has everything for a perfect party. From great booze to countless clubs to beautiful beaches and some great music, you name it! There are also a lot of underground parties happening at discrete locations. You can get access to them in hippy markets.

    Ibiza, Balearic islands, Spain

  4. Las Vegas, USA
    This is one place where the entire world goes, just to party. With super luxury hotels and resorts, Las Vegas also offers you amazing casinos, bars, and night club to release your stress. You can choose to spend your day and night in a different casino every day for your entire trip and still there would be plenty left for you to explore. The night clubs around Vegas are famous for their strippers and they also have the most famous DJs performing at every nook and corner. The bright skyline of Las Vegas will never disappoint you.

  5. Miami, USA
    With trendy nightlife, highly energetic beaches of Miami are a must-visit for every party lover. Their annual Ultra Music Festival is super popular and is capable of transforming the mood of every person present there. The hardcore party culture of Miami is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. You can also enjoy the nightlife without burning a hole in your pocket. It is very easy to spot a celebrity around or maybe even in the same club as yours! Do note that these clubs give you the access only if you are properly dressed. So bring out the best of your outfits and dwell into some nice booze.

    Miami, Florida, USA

Give yourself that much-needed break and wear your dancing shoes because the aforementioned top 5 places to travel to if you like to party will surely help you relax and shed off your extra energy.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Travel - The 5 Best Party Cities In The World, 2019
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