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5 Reasons Why God’s Own Country, Kerala Should be Your Next Trip

When they say that Kerala is God’s Own Country, they could not be more right. Kerala holds a prideful place in the hearts of Indians, who see it as one of the most beautiful states there is in the entire country.

Created in the year 1956, the state is one of those few states which have managed to sustain natural beauty with modern-day developments. In addition to these, Kerala has a socio-cultural background which is distinct from that of many states in the country and hence, the lifestyle and traditions here might give you a whole new experience.

This being said, I am not going to leave you just yet. You must stick around to know more why Kerala is so amazing. As a matter of fact, I will write down 5 reasons why Kerala should make it to your top destinations when here in India. Trust me, there is no perfect place to stay than in a place which is God’s favorite. So, let us begin.

  1. Breathtaking Backwaters
    In the entire world, you will not be able to find as many gorgeous and mesmerizing backwaters as you can find here in Kerala. The Kerala backwaters is a network of picturesque lagoons and lakes along the coast of Arabian Sea.
    Such is the charm of these backwaters that when National Geographic Traveler named Kerala as one of those destinations which should be visited once in a lifetime these backwaters were identified as primary factors for the state’s listing.
    Hop on kettuvallams, Kerala houseboats, and watch the scenic landscape and stunning water around you peacefully. There is nothing better than watching the sunset across a backwater—nothing at all!

  2. The thriving abode of wildlife and aviary life
    Kerala is known for taking its natural blessings very seriously. It ensures that its fauna remains protected and preserved. Rigorous efforts have been made and results have shown that the state has been successful in ensuring a thriving and well-protected environment to fauna.
    Presently, there are more than 25 national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Some popular places to experience wildlife and aviary life closely include Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Periyar Tiger Reserve, and Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary.
  3. Beaches
    Who does not love beaches? I presume everyone loves them, and just in case you find them ‘meh’, try Kerala beaches. They should not disappoint you and might as well instill some newfound love in your heart.
    Kerala beaches are quite different from those found in the rest of the country because they are largely untouched by the unhygienic and uncivil tendencies of people who consider beaches as trash cans. They are not crowded so you do not have to jostle your way to get the perfect view of the sunset. Some suggestions include Varkala, Kappad, Bekal, and Marari.
    You can wear your most comfortable clothes, stroll along the seemingly endless stretch of the coast, and watch as the life around you assimilate with the mood of the beach.
  4. Even Gods Come Down To Get Spices From Here
    Kerala has a long—a very long—history of spice trading. The place it had in the past as a leader in spices is still intact in the present, as it produces a major chunk of spices not only in the country but in the entire world.
    There are many spice plantations all over the state, and you can choose any to take a closer look at the large-scale production of the spices. The tour to the plantations will be highly educational so you will not be just doing sight-seeing.
    I recommend that you save some space in your bag to stuff along with at least a few spices for which the state is famous such as cardamom, cloves, and nutmegs.

  5. Food!
    Remember I said that the socio-culture environment here in Kerala is distinct, and this is reflected in its cuisine. While you might have heard and probably eaten Chola Bhatura or butter Chicken with naan bread, you still haven’t tasted all of there is in Indian cuisine.
    Packed with delicious and lip-smacking spices and unique recipes, Kerala cuisine should get as much attention as other states’ cuisines. For example, you would not find anything like Appam which is basically a fluffy pancake but very delicious. Then, there is Toddy which is a coconut palm wine. Other suggestions include Sadhya, Puttu and Idiyappam. You should also try Kerala beef fry and Malabar biryani.

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