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Affiliate Institute Reviews are Everything We Hoped For

Initially, when I came across the Affiliate Institute, I paid for the full program right away because I was eager to test it and see what kind of training they offered. Their program has constantly changed to keep up with the latest methods, and I got to say it’s pretty amazing.

Everyone pretty much agrees without any sort of argument that losing money and falling for a scam is a terrible thing to happen. I’ve personally blown more than $2,000 while trying to find a method to make money without leaving the house. I’ve purchased all the super hyped products out there that we’ve all come across, and they all promised to make me wealthy beyond my wildest dreams. I started to become pretty doubtful about everything and anything having to do with making money online. Right around this time is when I came across the Affiliate Institute’s training and I made a promise to myself: this was going to be the final online training program that I ever bothered to try out. I had come very close to moving on from the online space thinking that it was filled with scammers and nothing else.

What is the Affiliate Institute?

The Affiliate Institute is an online training center and community with thousands of members. Created by Kameron George, Dennis Yu, and Chris Smith, Affiliate Institute has quickly turned into one of the best resources online to learn about affiliate marketing from.

Anytime I’ve spoken with anyone about Affiliate Institute I’m always quick to point out that this isn’t money-making scheme or fake rags to riches system. So what is Affiliate Institute, then? It is a business community and affiliate marketing training center available online. If you really believe that you’re going to quickly begin to make some money just by signing up – well I’m going to recommend that you take a walk because that won’t happen. The biggest difference when it comes to all the currently available programs online and Affiliate Institute is that they don’t sell fake promises and fake hype. They don’t promise that you’ll be super wealthy overnight, and they don’t guarantee that you’ll have some magic shortcut to earning millions and millions in the blink of an eye. Having said that, though, this is a great program that does promise to educate and trains you, not to mention support you in your path. In the event that you’re ready and willing to get started on a successful business, then keep on reading, my friend.

Affiliate Institute Pros and Cons


  • Plenty of different training levels from beginner to advanced
  • Great video training and step by step courses
  • Thousands of members
  • Tons of support
  • Clear plan of action and steps to take to be successful


  • Sometimes having too much info at your fingertips is a bit overwhelming. The step by step training is fantastic, but it can be easy to get distracted and want to jump ahead. Affiliate Institute does a wonderful job of giving you very clear training, though.
  • Since the support is so easy to get a hold of it’s easy to spend a lot of time pestering them with questions instead of going through the material.

Is the Affiliate Institute for You?

I need to confess that this program isn’t perfect for everyone and anyone. Other reviews mention this as well. Affiliate Institute shows you how you can build out a real business or grow the one you have and get it to the next level. If you’re not ready to learn and put that learning into effect, then the entire idea of making any money online just is not for you. So, who would get a lot out of this program? Who is it for?

  • This is for an induvial who wants to be able to make additional money to boost what they’re already making at a job.
  • This is for stay at home parents who might have time to spare and can spend it on a computer.
  • This is for a student who is looking to make money to help with tuition.
  • This is for a business owner who is looking to grow their business online.
  • This is for those who are tired of the daily grind, the daily job, and want their own business.
  • This is for people who would love to travel and live all over the world since they can work from anywhere.

Clearly, this training is a great option for just about anyone looking to make money from the comfort of their own home (wherever they call home). This is a training system that teaches you how you can create a real business; any business be it brick and mortar or based online needs plenty of effort and time, not to mention money. However, unlike an offline business when you start a business online you’re less likely to need much money to get started.

Some of the greatest benefits of the Affiliate Institute training program are the step by step guides to learning how you can build a business through each instructors’ area of expertise. Typically, you’ll see other online education systems don’t have a clear plan of action or even much support. I’ve tried out numerous other programs available to learn how to make money online over the last 10 years and honestly, nothing comes anywhere near the type of quality I’ve seen with this training.

Affiliate Institute Potential Earnings

I hear this question pretty frequently from those new to the online space, either in the process of signing up or who are on the fence. “How much can I earn with Affiliate Institute? What sort of earnings will I see in 1 single year of working on this?” No one can answer this for you. Some people could go on to make hundreds of thousands in a month while others only make a few bucks each month.

While there isn’t an exact answer (sorry) here is what I can say: how much you end up earning is a direct result of how much effort you put in, what you’re working on, and how you’re executing. Everyone who experiences a lot of success all do the same thing: they follow the steps exactly and they put forth a lot of effort. Learning is a wonderful thing, but you’ll need to actually go out and start using the things you’re learning with this training for you to make any money.

Take this with a grain of salt as this certainly won’t be the case for everyone, but if you go through the system laid out there’s no reason I can think of as to why you couldn’t be earning a very comfortable living within the first year of starting. The issue is that most people getting into affiliate marketing tend to end up failing because they don’t stick to any sort of plan, they let themselves get knocked off course by random programs that guarantee all the money in the world in a day, and they don’t make any sort of effort. Affiliate Institute can help with every single part of this. They’ll give you a plan to stick to and provide training that you should be following with steps to stick to. Make sure you keep yourself as focused as possible and eventually you’ll experience success.

Making Money Doing the Thing You Love the Most

You’ll learn a lot of great methods about marketing that can help you to build out any business and get lots of traffic and sales, but the training definitely focuses on affiliate marketing to make money. This means that you’ll make money when someone buys something you linked to (recommended). The vast majority of companies out there have an affiliate program. Due to the fact that everyday more people are buying online instead of in person why you shouldn’t carve out a chunk of the earnings for yourself? In this training you’re encouraged to go out and focus on the things that you love, which makes working on your business so much more likely and enjoyable.

I’m Living Proof that the Affiliate Institute’s Training Works!

I said early that I’ve been a member for some time now. Why am I still a member? Well, the great thing about the training that Affiliate Institute offers is that they keep all their methods completely up to date. The online marketing space changes very quickly. They keep up with the times to give us the best methods possible.

Look at anyone who is successful. As a general rule they’re always learning new things on a regular basis. They go to seminars, read books, hire a coach, and converse with other experts in the same field as them. They keep up to date on everything going on in their field and sometimes outside of it, and they learn new things daily. I always learn something new from Affiliate Institute, and that is why I’m still a member after all this time.

Don’t Take My Word for it! Read the Reviews

Seriously, people everywhere are spreading the message about their success. If you look online you’ll see tons and tons of positive reviews about the amazing training available. Honestly I love seeing everyone’s story as they get me pumped up to work hard!

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