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Ranked: The world’s Best-Selling Travel Retailers

With a turnover amounting to approximately $8.69 billion, Dufry was the world’s best-selling travel retailer in 2018, according to CEOWORLD magazine report. Despite a challenging year, Lotte Duty-Free ($6.9 billion) retains its number 2 status in the rankings, followed by The Shilla Duty-Free ($6.2 billion), China Duty-Free Group ($6.1 billion), and Lagardère Travel Retail ($4.7 billion).

With Gebr Heinemann ($4.6 billion), DFS Group ($3.6 billion), King Power International Group Thailand ($2.75 billion), Sinsegae Duty-Free ($2.69 billion), and Dubai Duty-Free ($1.99 billion) rounding out the top ten.

To identify the world’s top 25 best-selling travel retailer in 2018, based on turnover, CEOWORLD magazine reviewed numerous national and international media reports. Additional information about the skyscrapers came from Moodie Davitt. The following list showcases the world’s top 25 best-selling travel retailer in 2018.

  1. Dufry: $8.69 billion
  2. Lotte Duty-Free: $6.9 billion
  3. The Shilla Duty-Free:: $6.2 billion
  4. China Duty-Free Group: $6.1 billion
  5. Lagardère Travel Retail: $4.7 billion
  6. Gebr Heinemann: $4.6 billion
  7. DFS Group: $3.6 billion
  8. King Power International Group (Thailand): $2.75 billion
  9. Sinsegae Duty-Free: $2.69 billion
  10. Dubai Duty-Free: $1.99 billion
  11. Ever Rich Duty-Free: $1.95 billion
  12. Duty-Free Americas: $1.83 billion
  13. Aer Rianta International: $1.24 billion
  14. JATCO: $1.21 billion
  15. Starboard Cruise Services: $860.94 million
  16. WHSmith: $842.71 million
  17. Doota Duty-Free: $759 million
  18. NAA Retailing: $746.56 million
  19. Flemingo International: $740 million
  20. 3Sixty Duty-Free: $685.48 million
  21. Sky Connection: $630 million
  22. Qatar Duty-Free: $565.58 million
  23. JR/Duty-Free: $480.74 million
  24. Tallink Group: $444.54 million
  25. King Power Group (Hong Kong: $34.36 million

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Emma London

Emma London

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