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Top Fashion Brands For Women CEOs In The World

Being a woman CEO is not an easy job because in a male-dominated profession, one needs to be elegantly dominant and bring about great feels of team-work. Finding a work-life balance along with showing a flawless appearance becomes quite necessary for being a female entrepreneur.

Dressing well brings about positive vibes and emanates good impression to the clients, other business leaders and also give a good image to the company’s brand as well.

Being the face of the brand, a female entrepreneur needs to take exclusive care in looks and selecting classy clothing brands. Here is the list of top fashion brands for woman CEOs in the world:

  1. Prada: The fashion leader in providing the hottest trendy clothes to the businesswomen with a tinge of fashion, Prada is also known for amazing accessory range as well. Prada’s clothing is tailor-made for businesswoman’s requirements and oozes out confidence and class.
  2. Armani: The Italian based brand is all about redefining poise and style for the new-age female CEO. Their fits are comfortable along with being stylish and sublime. Their range of clothing presents exquisite class and chic elegance to the woman of any age. Don’t miss their range of jackets which have multi-purpose utility.
  3. Dolce and Gabbana: Founded in the year 1985 by Legnano, this Italian based fashion brand has been making waves ever since. Their luxury items and branded clothing are worth every penny spent for their durability and amazing style vibe. Owning the DG symbol on your clothing commands respect and attention for sure.
  4. Givenchy: This brand has a long history with respect to fashion as it was formed long back in 1952 by popular designer Huber De Givenchy himself.  Their float style skirts and chic blouses gained much attention worldwide. For the Parisian elegance, don’t miss to choose this brand! The brand is known for designing the best clothing range for every business requirement.
  5. Gucci: Formed in the year 1921 in the elegant city Florence, Gucci is all about Italian blissful clothing. The Italian brilliance of fashionable clothing is greatly ingrained in the brand. Many Hollywood celebrities endorse this brand for the amazing range of clothing they offer. Gucci is no longer is just a clothing option but a status symbol for the driven businesswoman.
  6. Michael Kors: The stylish brand is great in clothing, handbags, and footwear.  Many American celebrities including Michelle Obama, Heidi Klum, Catherine Zeta-Jones endorse this brand and appreciated the work they do.  The brand also earned ‘Designer of the Year’ award for its excellent contribution to the world of fashionable clothing.
  7. Marc Jacobs:  The designer Marc Jacobs launched his own fashion brand in the year 2001 in the aim of providing classy clothing line for the stylish women around the globe. The franchise has around 300 stores in sixty countries.  Jessica Lange has endorsed this brand and ever since the brand became globally more famous and noticed. The brand also has a strong social media presence and the customers can watch out for their seasonal collection based on specific themes.

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Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj
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