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These Are The 6 Best Fishing Destinations In Asia You Should Visit

Fishing is one of the fun activities which is suitable for family as well as single travelers. It brings back the adventure spirit and brilliant experience.

A lot of travelers plan their trips based on the fishing spots the destination offers. Asia, in particular, is known for wide water bodies, which are versatile with different landscapes and natural bliss.

Being budget-friendly, a global traveler prefers coming to Asia for a memorable travel experience. Here is the list of fantastic fishing destinations in Asia for a fun-filled trip:

  1. Toiman– South China Sea: The three main fishing destinations in Malaysian islands include Aur, Pemanggil, and Tioman. These are quite well-equipped with facilities and infrastructure for a smooth fishing trip. Tioman is suitable for anglers of all levels. From Tioman, one can charter a boat and join a group and take a trip to the most brilliant sports fishing in the South China Sea. Black Marlin is one of the best catches here along with sailfish, yellowfin tuna, giant trevally, and barracuda.
  2. Redang- South China Sea: From March to October, the northeast coast of Malaysia offers great fishing for both beginners and experts. Redang Island is also known as fishermen’s paradise for sure. There is a drop off called The Tongue of the Ocean where the depth is not much as 1830 meters. One can catch jacks, snappers, narrow bead mackerels, sailfish, and barracuda. Redang and Perhentian Island waters are part of Marine park and it is strictly forbidden to fish within these limits. Hence it is advisable to move on offshore before you can plan out sports fishing.
  3. Langkawi- Andaman Sea: In the southern Andaman sea, located 60 nautical miles south-west of Langkawi Palau Park is an island made of limestone and granite rock. This area is known for producing big eye tuna, rainbow runner, striped marlin, giant trevally and sailfish. The sports fishing trips to Pulau Perak is of three to four days of duration with liveaboard fishing boats available for charter from Langkawi.
  4. Bali- Indonesia Sea: Indonesia is known for the rich culture and scenic beauty but it is also known for its fishing options. One can opt for game fishing and spearfishing. In Bali, anglers can enjoy excellent fishing all year long. One can fish for Spanish mackerel, trevallys, sail fish blue marlin, and barracuda.
  5. Sabah, Sarawak- South China Sea: Equipped with a wide range of marine and inland fishing destination states of Sabah and Sarawak, they offer an abundance of fishing species. The tropical game fish- being the king of the seas can be found here. Also, look for Striped Marlin and Pacific Sailfish. One can find tuna, yellowfin, bigeye and dog tooth in the deeper water areas.
  6. Phuket- Andaman Sea: the Andaman Sea is known for having abundant fish and Phuket has earned the good name for fishing and game fishing. The list of fish which can be found here is quite long- coveted sailfish, the fastest fish in the sea named Black Marlin, Queen Fish , Dorado, Rainbow Runner.

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