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5 Korean fashion Trends Which Are Gaining Popularity Worldwide

In the last decade, the world witnessed the percolation of fashion trends from the east. South Korean fashion was taking over the world, and much of the credit goes to the Hallyu wave which made the Korean entertainment industry a massive success. As people become more and more acquainted with the Korean entertainment industry, fashion also stepped up.

When I was young, I used to watch Korean dramas (also called K-dramas) and listen to Korean songs. With time I grew obsessed with them and started copying the fashion which was shown. Little did I know that many people like me were doing the same. Today is 2019, and Korean fashion is a phenomenon.

There are many Korean fashion trends which are becoming increasingly popular outside South Korea. If you have watched K-dramas or movies, you would feel a sense of familiarity with the trends I am going to mention. Those who haven’t should watch out and read for yourself what Korean trends are burning up world fashion.

With this, here are 5 Korean fashion trends to take note of:

  1. Over-sized Cardigans
    Gone are the days when we would reject any clothing which was oversized. We no longer emphasize the right fit because loose has become trendy. Korean people are known for wearing oversized clothes, and one such type of clothing is cardigans.
    Oversized cardigans are a major hit in South Korea and are quickly gaining popularity in the west. The beauty of these cardigans is that they give you absolute comfort, allowing your body to breath and move around easily.
  2. Sneakers couple with socks
    If you had been doing this all this time, you might have accidentally or willingly caught up to the Korean wave. Koreans love wearing sneakers; they love it more when sneakers are accompanied by a pair of smart-looking ankle-length socks.
    You do not need to hide those socks away under your jeans. The fashion trend allows you to confidently flaunt those shoes and socks with your best dress and skirts. Actually, when you try it, you will see that the combination works with almost every casual outfit and even makes you look cool.
  3. Get It Checkered
    Many Korean dramas show women wearing checkered dresses, skirts or pants. Anything with checks is loved by Koreans. One of the many Korean fashion trends which have taken over the world is increasing inclination towards wearing checkered clothing.
    This obsession is not limited to women. In fact, men have become increasingly interested in wearing checkered outfits. K-dramas tend to experiment with fashion, and you would see men wearing checkered suits or carrying checkered handkerchiefs.
  4. Ruffle tops
    If there is a type of tops which go along with almost every situation, then that type is certainly ruffled tops. Adding volume and grace to the entire look, ruffle tops have become a major hit everywhere. However, Koreans tend to hold them dearly.
    Ruffle tops are elegant and create feminine movements which women love. These tops are very commonly shown in dramas and viewers have started wearing them too. These tops go with skirts, jeans, and pants very well and make you look pretty and perfect!
    So, why don’t go you go shopping and buy some really fancy and/or casual ruffle tops and pair them with some of your finest bottoms? Nobody will be able to resist the charm!

  5. Accessorize
    Koreans love accessorizing way more than we do. They tend to accessorize with almost everything they wear. They keep in stock all kinds of accessories, ranging from butterfly-shaped hair clips to a bunch of rings, to suit the needs of every outfit they wear.
    One of the essentials is to keep hair clips. It is very common to see K-stars accessorizing their outfit with a nice hair clip. Every hair clip comes with some really creative design. If you ever happen to look upon a Korean online fashion store, you will see a huge collection of unimaginably creative hair clips.

Last year, I ended up shopping on a website which shipped accessories from Korea and believes me, I bought too many hair clips. I am not kidding, but they are really cute and tempting.

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