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SnatchBot Anticipates an Exciting Future for Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

The CTO of SnatchBot, Avi Benezra, recently said that he truly believes that the decade of 2017-2027 is the one that will provide the necessary tools for the true artificial intelligence revolution.

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence today

The automation of marketing and customer care went through a transformation. In the sector I work with, we embraced chatbot technology to nurture leads better – and to deploy omnichannel AI-bots to deliver excellence. After testing various solutions, the tools provided by SnatchBot, including Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence, have proven effective to carry out the difficult work, making the chatbot building process a simple and intuitive experience.

Chatbots have taken the world by storm and this is attributed to the growth of messaging and their acceptance by most of the channel providers.

How they help enterprises

Call centers have become a thing of the past for most companies and chatbots are answering and directing customer inquiries. They are less expensive and more reliable than the human alternative because they analyze queries faster. They work very well as marketing tools and have also replaced apps as they provide solutions through the channels where consumers spend lots of time – messaging.

Artificial Intelligence and an exciting future with SnatchBot

The true conversational experience of a chatbot comes when it listens to inputs and understands them, even if they have not been pre-prepared. At SnachBot a great amount of importance has been placed on this and also on Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. RPA is also a key feature that CTO’s love.

Machine Learning is the process that allows a computer to take the feedback from data and then adjust its response according in a way that is similar to human learning.

The NLP is the process in which human languages are broken down, giving information to software and Machine Learning is essential for NLP. These two work and learn through repeated trials.

AI is the ability of machines to make decisions based on algorithms and past experiences. It differs from Machine Learning because the decision-making power of the AI is usually the starting point, rather than trial and error.

Sophisticated chatbot creation

Chatbot software always responds to human language in an intelligent manner, unless they have a set of pre-defined responses. That is why they need NLP and if it’s needed for them to become accurate with use, they need to have a feedback mechanism so that they can perform Machine Learning. AI, which comes with NLP, is the algorithm that works silently through coding to allow the chatbot to use the examples it has been fed to gain meaning from the sentences.

This is done by automated monitoring of failed conversations and the sophisticated system at SnatchBot implements the Machine Learning automatically and adjusts the chatbot. In the event that the chatbot has more than one purpose then it would also need the AI in order for it to be able to multi-task and also have a powerful and engaging character.

Voice will take over text

As bots are popping up in every type of business and organization the term chatbot might become obsolete in the near future. This is because the power of AI is giving them a voice as a way of communication.

These bots will have responsibilities similar to virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa and will be able to work in environments like office receptions, admissions at hospitals and even to turn on the lights in a home. Even though for various reasons text won’t vanish completely, these talking bots, using AI and its back-end tools, will be able to access customer records, sales history, etc. that may help reel in new customers.

Online adverts will have bots that will most probably be able to instantly start meaningful conversation wth prospective customers as they view them.

These talking virtual kiosks will likely be used in shopping malls, airports and supermarkets and will assist with preordering of items, reduce queuing time and responding to customer queries.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency will most likely look to adopt this technology to help customers understand and make transactions without customers having to have encryption codes, digital wallets and private keys.

What the future holds for education

Long distance learning is likely to get a big boost with language plugins that will be able to take education to places where it has been difficult to go. The robotic teacher will help to better education across the globe giving more people opportunities for a better life.

Health and chatbots

The healthcare sector of the future will definitely start to embrace chatbots more as they use them to engage with patients at a lower cost. In order for this to work, healthcare information will need to be made more accessible so that patients will always have a doctor on hand to ask questions and receive answers.

Chatbots in hospitals would be able to collect patient history, provide diagnostics, prescribe medication and make appointments.

Chatbots have also been shown to provide therapeutic benefits for young people who suffer from anxiety, depression and even for alcohol abuse treatment.

In conclusion

Bill Gates recently said the following about AI: “The world hasn’t had that many technologies that are both promising and dangerous — you know, we had nuclear energy and nuclear weapons,”

It took vision and courage to create and commit to the technology that offers the innovative combination of AI, NLP, Machine Learning and all the other features that SnatchBot provides. They are committed to pushing on and offering whatever else the future of business demands from them: To use AI for the better of humanity.

“At SnatchBot we are working on providing the technology that will help people to interface with their phone, cars, computers, etc through conversation. Our users are the people who are teaching us to meet their needs and challenges.” Avi Benezra, CTO at SnatchBot.

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