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Thursday, December 5, 2019

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Impact Of Social Media On Our Lives

Social Media

It might sound like an understatement to read that social media has churned up to become and intensively intrinsic part of our lives. This fact is quite seriously established already and there does not remain any doubt about the validity of this statement either.

The question which begs to be answered now is what about the impact that this pivotal technology has on our lives?

Let us attempt to answer this question and take a wide look at the impact that it has on us.

The impact of social media on the lives of humans

With ample gadgets around us and co-related technology existing in tandem around us, it has become possible to grab and load the entire stream of social media right there on our palms. Connected to a global network all round the clock, it becomes possible for us to conduct multiple collaborations, interactions and content sharing tasks.

We have a crazy number of social media platforms available to us, which allow us to perform a variety of unique tasks. From sharing pictures to writing and participating in online discussions, there is no limit to your expression on the digital platform. Thus, it becomes quite easy to decipher the impact that this dispersion of social media has on our lives.

Opening new avenues

For each one of us, who make use of social media, a new form of avenue has emerged, which permits us to display our talents or else, use our creativity. Such pavilions were not available to the mankind until few years ago, which makes this novel technology all the more attractive and likeable. For businesses all over the world, social media erased all geographical boundaries, helping owners access customers and markets beyond their domestic boundaries.

Social media has made it possible for individuals and businesses to become independent and locate new methods of performing any task. In this sense, it will be right to say that social media has helped mankind in attaining a new high.

Paving way for many pits

While the golden side of social media is a shining star to look at, some might speak otherwise. Social media has brought along with it, many security threats, identity threats and a bounty of emotional and mental troubles for people all over the world. As a result, cases of suicide and depression have not been unheard and sadly, the onus of it has been thrust upon the advent of social media. To some extent, the platform does make people vulnerable in more than one ways, to strangers and hackers, who are always awaiting their next catch to victimise him. At other times, the own kin and social circle of a person become responsible for his added insecurities and anxiousness, making him feel depressed and alone.

Others also believe that social media has created a gap among us, making us feel lively in the digital world, and gloomy in the real world. The health impact of using too much social media is also quite critical to understand.

Similar to the two sides of a coin, social media has earned itself a dual status in the perceptions of people. For some, it is a boon, which is why they are able to make use of its capabilities and progress as individuals, businesses are able to make a better pitch in the market and people are finding it easier to stay connected.

On the other hand, social media has created a bunch of problems for people who find themselves becoming victim of the technology and unable to withdraw themselves from its negative impact.

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