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5 Myths About Beautiful Mongolia You Should Not Believe

Mongolia is one of the prettiest countries in Asia. While it does not chart the top destinations from the continent, it has a lot of potential which often gets overlooked. If you studied a bit about this fancy country, you’d know that it has so much to offer to its people and those beyond its boundaries—don’t think that it is just that country sandwiched between China and Russia! 

Like any other country, Mongolia has its own share of misconceptions which are quite commonly prevalent. In this post, I will guide you through 5 of them so that once you know what they are you might have a different perception about Mongolia.  

With the aforesaid note, let us take a look at 5 myths about Mongolia you totally need to reject:  

  1. Always On The Move, eh? 
    For a long time in history, Mongolians lived in tribes which were nomadic in nature. This means that they were moving all the time in search of shelter and food. But, times have changed, haven’t they? 
    It is commonly believed that Mongolians still live gers. Gers, for your information, are portable tents with canopies made of skin. There is only a very small percentage of the population which leads a nomadic life carrying along gers with them. The country has witnessed large scale migration from rural to urban areas, and you can very easily notice the majority of the Mongolians living in urban settlements 
  2. Mongolia Is Not A Part of China
    I am often surprised by people, even the educated ones, calling Mongolia a part of China. Yes, there is an inflow of a lot of Chinese influence, but the same is true in regards to Russian influence. The reason lies in the geographical location of the country, which is between China and Russia. Moreover, the physical features of Mongolians, especially that of the face, resemble closely to that of the Chinese. 
    One important advice to those who felt that Mongolia was a Chinese territory: it is high time you brushed up your geography!  
  3. Mongolians Transport On Horses 
    Horses were important means of transportation in the past, and though they are still important, they are not used as a means of transportation as much as they used to. Much of the transportation has become modern, with the latest transportation facilities available to the public. This being said, I do not mean to convey that horses are not at all used for transportation. You will find them on Mongolian treks on a daily basis. 
    It is to note that horse is a sacred animal of Mongolians so you should void being disrespectful to horses.  
  4. Mongolia Is Not The Kind Of Place You Should Visit
    Many think that Mongolia is unsafe. Much of this misconception is due to the lack of knowledge about the country. Let me tell you this: Mongolia is safe. You need to, however, keep a watch on pickpocketing. In fact, Mongolians will make you feel at home because they are curious beings and love interacting with foreigners. 
    If you are not convinced, you should definitely do some research online. In case you love adventure, I think you should most certainly find out more about Mongolia rather than simply accepting hearsay!!  
  5. Just For Non-Vegetarians
    Mongolia has a reputation for being the abode of meat lovers. Yes, without a doubt, the Mongolian diet is highly non-vegetarian; they eat beef, mutton, and meat most of the time. Their favourite is, however, horse meat which is usually consumed during chilly Mongolian winter. Now, this does not mean that there is no place for vegetarians.   

It is to be noted that Mongolians prefer vegetarian diet in summers. However, in case you are traveling with a nomadic family, there is less chance of finding vegetarian meals. 

There are plenty of restaurants in the country which serve vegetarian meals. Lately, Mongolians have become conscious of their diet and avoid eating too much meat. This trend has contributed to the rise in vegetarian food outlets.  

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Travel - 5 Myths About Beautiful Mongolia You Should Not Believe
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