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Know What Your Fingernail Tell About Your Personality

Both physical and behavioral features are a significant part of a person’s personality. While some features of your persona are bold and draw attention towards you others are subtle in nature.

Your fingernails are one such subtle feature that can reveal some interesting details about your nature and temperament. So without much ado, let’s check out what the shape and size of your nails have to say about you.

  1. Vertically Long Nails
    If you have vertical and long nails then you are a creative person with great imagination. You have a calm and gentle spirit and you rarely get angry. These qualities allow you to pay attention to minute details which others often overlook. Such people are dreamers by nature and have a more romantic outlook on life rather than a rational one.
  2. Nails That Are Rounded
    People with round are happy and seem relaxed as they have things under their control. These people are smart and have the ability to solve any problem with unique solutions. They are happy-go-lucky folks who like to work at their own pace. Such people never show their vulnerable side and always try to be cheerful and happy. These features make them courageous as they face their demons alone while adorning a smile. Such individuals are also very social and tend to make friends easily.
  3. Broad-sided Nails
    Individuals with nails having broad-sides are great thinkers and are highly eloquent. These people precisely verbalize their thoughts which makes them come across as a straight-forward person. They have good control of their emotions, but are slightly impatient and hence short-tempered in nature.
  4. Almond Nails
    People with almond-shaped nails are the most loyal and trustworthy of all. They also expect the same amount of trust and loyalty from others. Betrayal and deception can break their heart. These people are courteous, sincere, and polite but tend to get angry easily when things are difficult for them to accept. Such individuals should step aside, cool themselves down and then get back on track.
  5. Squarish Nails
    If you have square-shaped nails then you are a natural leader. You have guts and perseverance to accomplish the impossible. Such individuals are hard-headed and stubborn, but it is this temperament which helps them achieve the goals that they set for themselves. They are always humble and are known for their humility. These people come across as very serious and grumpy but are actually good-natured and caring.
  6. Sword-shaped Nails
    Those who are blessed with sword-shaped nails like to live their life on the edge. They are adventurous in nature and try to stay out of their comfort zones. These individuals do everything to achieve the goals that they set their eye on. They are ready to work hard and undertake tasks that they don’t like. On the other hand, they lack in providing proper co-operation to others. People who are too relaxed or not up to their pace are difficult for them to go along with.
  7. Triangular Nails
    People who have triangular nails are shrewd and smart. They have a keen eye for minute details and always come up with excellent ideas. Observing and understanding other people through their behavior and actions is their forte. Such personalities always try to seek evidence for their decisions and believe that ‘actions speak louder than words’.
  8. Inverted Triangle Like Nails
    Ones who have nails shaped like an inverted triangle are a mix of different personalities. Such a person can be warm in one situation or cold in another. They hate mediocrity and live on extremes and tend to go for all or nothing. They will lay down their life for loved ones but will be first to leave in case of betrayal.

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