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Top 5 Must Have Accessories For Businessmen

Accessorising is important as it adds a bit of flair and the extra glamour needed to complete an outfit. It is a great way to show off personal preferences and taste, without it looking out of place or too garish for any given situation. Men’s accessories are usually on the subtler side of the spectrum. They’re not as flashy as earrings, scarves, or handbags, but they have their place and are an essential part of how a man dresses and how he is perceived by others. To help you accessorize, we have curated a list of top 5 accessories for men.

  1. A good quality wallet
    A wallet is an essential item for men, and a sturdy, good looking wallet is one of the most important accessories. A classic, bi-fold wallet is the best choice, but depending on your use you could go for a slim or a card case too. And if you feel a little funky, there are a lot of great printed wallets out there, with some amazing designs on them, if you’re looking for a poppy and colourful wallet.
    While buying a wallet, ensure the durability of the material. A ragged and worn wallet looks terrible, and even though you might have to shell out a little more, a sturdy wallet will last years and look great while doing that.

    These are the top 5 best wallets for businessmen:

    Men’s Wallet Leather Short Wallet Zipper Coin Purse Stitching Clutch Card Pocket ($2,600)
    Pocket Secretary Red Alligator Wallet ($1,800)
    Alligator Passport Credit Card Wallet by John Allen Woodward (1,800)
    Louis Vuitton Zippy XL Wallet Damier Graphite Canvas (1,800)
    Passport Wallet in Black and Red Alligator by John Allen Woodward (1,600)

  2. A belt
    While belts are important to keep your pants in place, they do add a nice touch to your outfit. Put on some classic leather black or brown dress belts when wearing your formals, or an easy-going casual belt over your shorts or chinos. Whichever may be the case, the belt will complete the outfit and ensure that you are not constantly hitching up and readjusting whatever you are wearing. Spend a little more money on a good dress belt and it will last you for a long time. Casual belts are usually not too expensive and you can get a good looking one for only a couple of bucks.
    These are the top 5 best belts for businessmen:

    Louis Vuitton Pont Neuf 35mm Belt ($780)
    Louis Vuitton Neo Inventeur 40mm Reversible Belt ($1,160)
    Louis Vuitton LV Circle 40mm Reversible Belt Brown Black ($1,000)
    Louis Vuitton Metropole 35 mm Belt ($860)
    Dior Men’s Black Leather Belt ($700)

  3. A pair of sunglasses
    Even if you are not a person who wears sunglasses regularly, a pair of it is vital. They protect your eyes from harsh and direct sunlight and eliminate the need to squint, so you don’t get wrinkles around your eyes too often. A classic pair of aviators works with all outfits, or you could go for the small, round, and rose-tinted sunglasses that seem to have made a comeback. Any outfit or style you choose, a good pair of sunglasses will prevent eye-damage, and make you look cooler and dapper.
    These are the top 5 best sunglassess for businessmen:

    Serengeti Volterra Sunglasses ($2,000)
    MONTBLANC Montablanc Sunglasses Men’s ($1,999)
    Swarovski Sunglasses ($1,999)
    Dolce & Gabbana D&G Sunglass ($1,999)
    Rebel – polarized sunglasses – MIGUEL ($1,361)

  4. A pair of sneakers
    Sneakers are great for your casual days. They go well with almost everything, whether it is loose shirts and shorts or polo and chinos, a pair of white and low top sneakers is bound to complement your outfit. If you’re not comfortable wearing white, try out navy or light blue sneakers, or wear black if you want to be on a safer side. Sneakers are the perfect casual shoes. They are comfortable, look good, fresh and worn out, and go with almost anything you choose to wear. A pair of good low top sneakers complements shorts and chinos well, while high top sneakers go amazingly with jeans. They are not too expensive and last pretty long, given some care. So, do make it a point to own a pair!
  5. A watch
    A watch is the ultimate accessory. Wear it not only for its utility, but also because it looks amazing, and a good watch can last years, decades, or even generations. A watch can tell you a lot about the person wearing it. It is reflective of the stylistic or sentimental biases of a person, it is a status symbol, it is capable of imparting a lot of information (fancier watches come with altitude meters, calendars, and some even indicate the phases of the moon), and it can look really stylish. Our recommendation is to keep two, a cheaper and funkier watch for casual wear, and an elegant, expensive and classy watch for special occasions.

Aforementioned are our picks for the essential men’s accessories. They might cost you a bit, but you would come out of the other end looking trendy, stylish, and dapper! So, go ahead and accessorise!

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