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The Most Important Features For Your Smart Office In 2019

Modern offices have many new interesting features. They have the newest ergonomic furniture, open concept floor plans, great rest areas. What distinguishes them the most is the new technology. It can improve the workspace and allow the employees to be more efficient and productive.

Investing in new technology and improving the offices pays for itself. The simple reason why – happy, and well-provided for employees tend to be much better workers.

So, let’s see what new technology any smart office should incorporate, and the benefits that tech brings.

Smart Lights

This is the first step on the road to creating a smart office. Smart lights have a few useful features that can improve any office space.

First of all, smart lighting has the potential to reduce energy consumption by 90% per light bulb. It leads to much lower electricity bills for the whole office building. They have IoT sensors whose purpose is to detect motion and switch the lights on or off as needed.

Illumination can also be automatically controlled, and the lights can dim when there’s enough daylight or brighten in evenings or during cloudy days.

Maintenance is much easier, as well. Smart lighting management systems have real-time diagnostics. It can show whether there’s a problem, and what should be fixed.

Smart Air Conditioning

Any modern office should take advantage of smart air conditioning. It’s convenient, efficient, and cost-saving.

Smart air conditioning can detect usage patterns and control the temperature accordingly. Just as smart lighting, it has motion sensors that tell it when it should turn off or on.

Some systems do allow individual users to adjust the temperature according to their needs. Each change request is visible to the others who have access to the smart HVAC system.

Smart Desk

Most people have heard that sitting is the new smoking and brings many health problems. To combat these issues, smart desks can be used both as sitting and standing desks. They allow the employees to change their position frequently throughout their day.

Of course, they are called “smart” for a reason, which involves some technological advancements. These desks can learn about their users’ preferences for sitting or standing and adjust accordingly. Most smart desks can work as collaboration desks as well, meaning they can attach to one another, allowing for smart office space optimization.

They also offer the possibility to connect multiple computers through the ports inside the desks, making teamwork a breeze.

Smart Conference Rooms

Smart conference rooms have online booking systems. These enable users to find and reserve spaces according to their needs, based on room features, size, etc. As users book the conference room, they can request for any extra features. This includes things like audio/ video equipment or catering, for example.

The online booking system sends automatic reminders to attendees. It can also notify them of any changes in the location, time, or cancellations. The screens located outside these conference rooms display all the important information. This includes whether anyone is currently occupying the room, who has the upcoming reservations, and more.

This allows users to manage their time more efficiently and avoid the hassle of searching for the appropriate conference rooms at particular times.

Smart Video Monitoring

To ensure better office security, investing in smart video monitoring is essential. Unlike outdated security cameras, smart video monitoring systems have wide-angle views, can record clear video in low lighting, and have excellent zooming capabilities.

Users can access the videos through the connected smartphone or PC. And since everything is stored in the cloud, this procedure is very straightforward. Videos and images can be searched by the date and time, and downloaded as needed.

Smart Privacy and Protection with Business VPN

Lastly, while smart video monitoring will ensure the physical security of the office space, a business VPN will ensure better cybersecurity.

IoT-connected devices cause some major security concerns. Therefore, it’s essential for businesses to protect their devices, and more importantly – their data.

A business VPN creates a safer connection to a network, preventing any outsider from gaining access to it. It primarily hides the said connection so that it cannot be detected. As an added security measure, it uses state-of-the-art encryption that’s next to impossible to decipher.

It’s especially important to use a business VPN when accessing IoT devices outside of the office while connected to a public network.

Creating a smart office brings countless benefits. Using a business VPN, smart video monitoring, conference rooms, desks, air conditioning, and lighting will create a safer and more comfortable environment.

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