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Deploy a World-Class Chatbot without a Developer Using SnatchBot Store

Avi Benezra, CTO of SnatchBot, recently discussed the ease with which even someone with no coding skills can deploy a chatbot by using the Bot Store – a marketplace where cutting-edge chatbots are sold in a fashion that closely resembles open source. Here are key takeaways from his comments:

Using the SnatchBot Store to deploy a chatbot

SnatchBot’s comprehensive bot-building platform, which has created bots for some of the world’s leading brands, launched its fully integrated SnatchBot Store marketplace in late 2017.  This is where bot builders can find ready-to-use templates, which cover a huge variety of business sectors, for free.

The SnatchBot store consists of two main sections so that businesses can quickly modify pre-built bots and publish them to their chosen channels of communication. The bots available are either developed internally by SnatchBot or through its chatbot user community and new bots are added regularly. The store is also the ideal place for developers and their work to be showcased in the marketplace.

Bot Templates

A selection of over fifty chatbot templates is available and new ones are being added continuously. These custom built bots that are task specific and can be used for a variety of sectors that include banking, customer service, e-commerce, travel and tourism, etc.

The solutions offered by the various templates depend on the industry. For example, customer service bots have automated responses that offer customer support, sale interactions and common inquiries. On the other hand, e-commerce bots offer the same services as a personal smart-shopping assistant and help solve customer inquiries efficiently.

All a user has to do is pick the template that best suits the type of business or service that is represented and to click on it. By clicking on the demo button, the features can be checked for suitability. If it is indeed what is needed then all the person has to do is press “edit the box”. That imports the box into the working area. The next step is to change the name and press “create bot” and the bot will then be ready to be customized and to perform a whole lot of tasks. It’s as easy as that!

When the bot store was initially unveiled, Benezra stated: “The creation of the SnatchBot Store is what will enable people from a wide variety of sectors to have a diverse choice of pre-built bots to opt from. The bots, templates and support come with no charge, and most importantly these sectors won’t have to rely on the services of a developer.” (See Avi Benezra on Forbes France for more details) 

Bot Directory

In the bot directory, there are over 1,000 user -made existing bots which can be explored for inspiration. A filtered search makes browsing simple and anyone can make their bot available on the bot directory. It is so user friendly that others can then use the available bots.  The established bots can be added to the browsers preferred channels with a single click. This can be done by picking the bot that will be made public and configuring it by pressing on “make public”. If this step is not done the bot will not be available for others in the Bot Directory.

Publishing the bots

With one click the final stage is to just complete the available channels and the bot is available to launch to others. The variety of high-traffic channels to choose from is huge and can be Website, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram etc. The bot does not need to be rebuilt for each platform and as new channels become available, Snatchbot will make them available. Companies can also integrate the chatbots to their own messaging system.

Demonstrating how to deploy a chatbot

The customer support bot can be added to the bots and it can be chatted to. This can be found on the SnatchBot Store and it directs the user to various resources and previously answered queries that are both helpful and interesting. It is also helpful for users to understand the internal structure of the bot. A click on the “send data emails” directs the user in how a webhook can be sent and the bot can be chatted to in order for the user to learn about integrating with Zapier to connect with Google Sheets or Trello.

Useful templates for learning 

These templates are useful for those who want to learn more about the platform:

Data Importing Bot

Here the bot will demonstrate how data from API can be imported into the bot’s conversation by using Integromat. It also shows how attributes can be defined and added to webhook.

Engagement Bot

Creating a fun game from the randomized response feature is what this clever bot can do. It will also inform on how images can be posted and how to keep score according to user responses.

Quiz Education Bot

This template illustrates some of the arithmetic features of the SnatchBot platform and assists in how track can be kept of user responses and how they can be used to the best advantage.

Vimeo Bot Template

With useful demo videos, this template shows how a bot can be used to present videos. It also demonstrates how cards can be made to neaten the appearance of a chat.

SnatchBot Survey

This template shows the user how to gather data and attributes for export to a Google sheet and how to embed gifs.

Taking chatbots into the future

At SnatchBot they are listening to users – and learning from their needs, progress and AI development in order to create cutting-edge new features. Chatbot users rely on SnatchBot to make their daily business easier and want solutions for many challenges. In such a fast-moving industry, who knows what is next?

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