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3 Resources For Developing And Marketing Your Travel App

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Travel is a lucrative but competitive business. Therefore you have to an edge to keep competitive. Many businesses develop their own travel apps either to promote their services or as a standalone release filling a gap in the market. Either way, if you are developing an app having the best resources will help you provide better functionality and more value to your offering.

With this in mind, consider these three resources which will help you develop the best travel app possible for your chosen market.

Amadeus for Developers

Amadeus provides travel app resources. As such, Amadeus Travel APIs specialises in providing connectivity to both stand-alone self-service and enterprise apps.

Self Service APIs

Amadeus provides the following APIs for self-service apps. This includes:

  • Air – You can integrate flight and low-fare flight search, together with Points of Interest (POI) into your apps. This additional functionality is a good and expected offering for any app.
  • Hotel – Pull through the latest hotel offers and offer them to your users. Filters can be applied to narrow down hotels by region and for specific dates.

Enterprise APIs

As well as the self-service options further functionality can be had by integrating Amadeus enterprise apps. As well as the above they offer:

  • Booking Management – Facilitate taking bookings for your hotel via your app. This provides your customers excellent customer service and convenience.
  • Cruise Booking – Cruises can be searched for and booked using this API. If you operate a cruise tour or perhaps you are a site that features cruises from different tour operators, this could be a highly useful addition for your app.
  • Customer Profile – Increasingly, big data is becoming the new oil. The more data you can mine, the better your marketing can be tailored to meet your audience. This is the idea behind the Customer Profile API. You can gain a true picture of your customer and help you market your offerings more effectively.
  • Travel Insurance – Amadeus API’s offering helps you build in proper search and purchasing facilities for your travel app. Again, filters can be built in to hone on specific regions and dates.

Amadeus’ offering will help you get your travel app up and running faster and provide additional functionality.

It should be noted that under the enterprise plan, Air, and Hotel APIs offer enhanced functionality.

Facebook Travel API

Facebook has a range of functions you can incorporate into your app. At a glance this includes

  • Facebook login – Make it fast and easy for your users to log in from any device; this is possibly the best UX design humankind has ever invented. Furthermore, you can use Facepile to show the profile picture of all your users to prove you are legitimate.
  • Reach – Facebook ads can reach millions of people and ‘Mobile apps for installs’ is a dedicated ad segment offered by the social media giant to allow you to advertise your app. What’s more, once your app is downloaded, you will be able to start building customer profiles and utilise features such as Custom Audiences for better marketing.
  • Parse Push – Facebook facilitates the sending of push notifications and analytics without a massive infrastructure. Again, useful for customer service and marketing.

Instagram API

Instagram APIs have undergone a fundamental change over the last six months or so. The old API was shut down early ahead of schedule and now their API’s run on the Facebook open graph format.

For Business and Creator users, it is possible to use the API in the following ways:

  • Discovering @mentions and managing comments. This enables better customer service as you can answer questions from your mobile as soon as you see it. You can also provide context to a picture and other information should you need to.
  • Through discovering mentions, you can start to build a picture of who is interested in the kind of tours you offer.
  • You can discover stories, hashtags, and videos where you feature. Again, this is excellent feedback which you can use to hone your marketing efforts.

Currently, you can only obtain data on other business accounts. Instagram does facilitate designing apps standard users, however, which features much of the aforementioned functionality. Instagram is planning to allow the publishing of photos and videos via an API in the future, which is a highly useful feature for promotion and marketing.

Bringing it all Together

With these three resources, you should find your app has three essential advantages:

  • Excellent functionality with targeted APIs.
  • Excellent user interfaces and is very easy to log in.
  • Good metrics to measure reach and to shape targeted marketing campaigns.

This is probably all you need to put together an app that will satisfy your users and bring your offering to life. It is important to note that your app has to stand out from the crowd, be reliable and useful, and give your users something more. These resources should help you do that.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Travel - 3 Resources For Developing And Marketing Your Travel App
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