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Select Cufflinks As Per Your Personality

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Accessories can add style and statement to plain and simple outfits. Cufflinks are one such accessory that can uplift your style quotient and provide you with an opportunity for showcasing your personality. Cufflinks come in a variety of shapes and sizes along with an array of different patterns.

Choosing a cufflink from a wide range of variety to suit your personality and occasion can be confusing and overwhelming.

Hence, we have compiled this style guide to assist you in selecting the right cufflinks that can enhance your appearance.

  • Fashion experts suggest matching your cufflinks with the pattern and shades of your tie. This combination pulls your look together and adds charm to your personality.
    For regular use, opt for simple metal disk cufflinks which can be monogrammed or engraved with anything that defines you. These personalized cufflinks can assist you to showcase your character and personal style through their uniqueness.
  • Another rule of thumb is that all the metal accessories in your outfit should complement each other. For instance, your watch, lapel, tie pins, and cufflinks should have a common style and color.
    They can be either golden, bronze, or silver. Mixing these hues can make your appearance look off-balance and tacky. When in doubt, go for silver cufflinks, as they are most versatile and suitable for any occasions.
  • For black-tie events which are less formal than weddings, cufflinks are a vital part of your attire. For such functions, opt for formal styles such as classic gold or silver designs that are simple are sophisticated.
    Selecting a minimalistic and elegant design adds an extra edge to your appearance without taking away attention from your attire. Striking balance between stylish and understated is key to proper dressing.
  • White tie events such as award or graduation ceremonies or weddings are more formal than black-tie events. They are special occasions where you can don designer and elegant cufflinks. Formal pair of cufflinks studded with mother-of-pearl or with semi-precious stones are appropriate for these occasions. These cufflinks have sophisticated air and luxurious appearance to them.
  • For informal outings such as a sports event or a bachelorette party, you can select funky and quirky designs. For instance, a cufflink that depicts the sports itself or studded skull-shaped cufflink that complements your attire can be adorned at such events.

Mens Cufflinks

Cufflinks For Workwear

In a formal workplace setting, you can liven up a boring office outfit with unique and sometimes quirky cufflinks that define your personality without violating the dress code.

  • Plain white shirts appear understated and straightforward. Pair them with an interesting pair of cufflinks having unique designs to add character to your bland outfit.

    These unique designs also allow you to portray your personality while adding charm to your attire. Just make sure that they are not too tacky and polished enough for attending business meetings.

  • For blue shirts, go with silver cufflinks to play safe. If you want to experiment, then select a cufflink that contrasts the color of your shirt. For instance, opt for dark blue cufflinks for light blue shirts and vice versa. Choosing contrasting shades will assist in breaking the monotony of the outfit and uplift your appearance.
  • For pink shirts, select simple silver cufflinks or go for contrasting colors. For drama, you can also choose multi-colored designs such as a combination of black and white or pink, and blue. However, take care that the tones you select for cufflinks don’t contradict the pink shade of your shirt.
  • For classics such as grey, brown, beige or white and other lighter shades, you can go with bronze or burgundy colored cufflinks that come in different shapes and patterns.

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