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6 Fun-Facts About Hats Which Might Interest You

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Hats have existed among us for long, and there is a good chance that they are going to remain as fashionable as they are in the near future. Because of their long existence, it is natural to expect that hats have seen the world change. There are so many things which the fashion of hats has witnessed and which have contributed to its evolution.

Considering how less we talk about hats when they are such an amazing piece of head covering, I have decided that I am going to tell you a handful of things about them which make them interesting.

In this article, I have mentioned 6 facts about hats which you should know. So, without further ado, let us find out what those facts are:

  1. A Huge Variety
    We might use the word ‘hat’ conveniently for every type of head covering, but there are many varieties of hats which come by different names. I will give an idea of a few of them.
    Beret, for example, is popular in France and is without a brim and has a flat crown with a headband to support it. Conical hat, which I am pretty sure you recall from your birthday parties, is what you think it is.
    Balmoral is a traditional Scottish hat, with a pompom atop. Baseball cap is, of course, the baseball cap. Beaver hat is what you call the magician’s hat and became quite popular after the late President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, wore it.
    The cowboy hat is what cowboys wear (I am sure I don’t need to explain!). The bowler hat is quite popular in the United States and is famously called ‘derby’.
  2. Some People Went Too Far With Hats
    We all know about crazy laws in the ancient and medieval world, though the contemporary world is not as sane as we think it is. Nevertheless, there is no gainsaying that our forefathers were part of many weird legal systems.
    One such weird law was made by Elizabeth I. She decreed that every person falling above the age of 7 must mandatorily wear a cap on every Sunday and during holidays. Talk about ways to impose on people!
  3. The “mad as a hatter” phrase
    You must have heard of the phrase “mad as a hatter” at least once in your lifetime. If not, now you have.
    There is a history behind the use of this phrase. In earlier times, the process of felting involved the use of mercury for keeping the wool in place. Due to exposure to mercury, the nervous systems of the hat-wearers were damaged and hence, this phrase became trendy. Sadly, it was too late when people discovered that the felting process was faulty since many people had already suffered.
  4. Know Who Are Who
    Here is a quick vocabulary test for you: what are the suppliers of men’s hats and female’s hats called?
    It does not matter whether you know the right answer because I am going to tell you anyway. Those who are in the business of supplying hats are called hatters, however, those who are in the business of supplying female’s hats are called milliners.
  5. Panama Hats Are Not From Panama
    You might have heard of Panama hats. They are the commonly seen brimmed straw hats. However, quite contrary to what people think, Panama Hats do not have their place of origin in Panama.
    Panama Hats were actually made in Ecuador. So, where did the name come from? Well, back in those days, much of the trade happened via the Panama Canal and somehow these hats began to be known as Panama hats.
  6. Colours of Hats
    Hats of various colours are usually worn at the construction site. For example, engineers are often seen wearing white hats whereas technical supervisors often wear blue coloured hats. Green coloured hats are quite commonly worn by safety inspectors. Yellow coloured hats are generally worn by labourers.

The colour scheme may vary depending on the country; however, the general scheme is what I just mentioned in the preceding paragraph. Now you can see that the world of hats is not as straightforward as you might have thought it to be!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Advisory - 6 Fun-Facts About Hats Which Might Interest You
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