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Why Are Staycation Important?


Everyone dreams of vacation, right? But one can’t have regular vacations due to certain reasons but, of course, needs a break from their mundane life. Staycation is the best option for such people in such circumstances. Staycation is a kind of vacation where you, with your family members, just relax at home, take a whole day trip and get back to your place at night. Let’s see why shall you go on frequent staycations rather than a week-long vacation.

  1. It strengthens the bond which might be losing the grip gradually: Your busy schedule may not let you focus on your relationship with your family, staycation helps you do this. The reason is pretty simple that the day of your staycation is the day only with your family. You can do various fun activities together like playing games, discussion on interesting topics, trying some new sports (water or otherwise), spending time amidst nature, strolling on the glittering sands of beaches (if possible), etc. this way staycation helps in re-establishing the bond that could have lost.
  2. It helps in building memories at a penny’s cost: Travelling and accommodation expenses create a big hole in the pocket whereas staycation doesn’t because at the end of the day you have your own bed to sleep at. You can head towards any tourist place of your city which doesn’t even require as much planning and budget as a vacation does. So even if you are tight on budget or on time, you can always opt for a staycation. So at the cost of one vacation, you can enjoy various staycations and eventually, ending up with more memories at the same cost.
  3. Recharge yourself in no time: You have to think about a lot of stuff while planning a vacation (like sanctioning of leaves, budget, destination, etc.) but not for a staycation. You just have to select a day and cancel out all your prior appointments and commitments, if any. It’s your time to rejuvenate yourself. You can relax and stay at home the whole day leaving aside your daily routine, meditate or visit a spa for pampering yourself (coz that is also required at times). If thrill gives you a spark and energizes you then go for a campsite, hiking or trekking. All this can be planned in a day or two.
  4. Disconnect from the rest of the world: Today we are connected to our gadgets so much that our day begins and ends with our mobile phones. Sometimes we need to stay away from technology. We definitely need a break from the internet which is next to impossible in our regular life but staycation gives you this opportunity. Ensure you spend all your time with your loved ones and observe how many memories do you create to be cherished forever. The only motive is to set aside everything else and focus on your family.
  5. Staycation lets you know and love your city: In your 9-9 job, you may not get time to even know about your nearby places, knowing the city is a far different thing. A staycation allows you to do this. You have the whole day to explore your place and you may feel mesmerized to know the hidden gems of your city. You don’t need to travel the whole world to find the incredibility it offers, it is right there at your doorstep. Guess what, you don’t have to take out much of your time for its planning and execution, just a day is enough for the task. It adds more fun and memories without worries (of say, arriving airport in time, issue of delayed flights, etc.). It’s fun to be a tourist in your own city and check out its attractions.
  6. Staycation helps you know who mean the most to you: I’m sure there must be many in your contact list who are important to you but you haven’t contacted them for months or may be years but want to. You can ask them to join you and have a fun-filled trip with more enthusiasm. You may not explore the diverse culture and a different place but you can definitely bond with the most important people in your life, which is also quite important.

So where are you heading for your next staycation?

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Why Are Staycation Important?
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