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6 Make-Up Brands Every Business Woman Should Know About


Cosmetic changes in our lifestyle have become necessary, especially in the lives of women. No matter how much you try to run away from the magic of cosmetics, we end up hovering around it inadvertently. As a result of our irresistible impulses towards cosmetics, the industry of make-up has become massive. There are many make-up brands which have emerged and, honestly, created confusion among consumers.

Due to the sheer number of the options available, we tend to often get confused about what is and what is not beneficial to our bodily appearance and health. Many times, we end up buying the wrong make-up and our skin pays the cost.

There are many factors which determine whether a particular make-up brand is good for your skin, but we will not dwell on that today. Our focus will be on the make-up brands which have a reputation of being world-class brands.

Without further ado, here is a list of 6 Make-up brands every business woman should know about.

  1. L’Oreal: One of the most famous names out there, L’Oreal is a French personal care company which is incidentally the largest cosmetics company in the world in terms of certain products such as skin care, make-up and hair care.
    Due to its international presence and resourcefulness, it has been able to introduce remarkable skin-friendly and long-lasting make-up products. From foundation to eyeliner, there is no dearth of what you can have under its label.
  2. CHANEL: Another French personal care company on the list, CHANEL is one of the leading make-up brands in the world. While many people know the brand for its high-end ready-to-wear clothes and haute couture, the brand has also been successful in coming up with make-up products.
    The most notable product lines of the brand include Le Lift, Blue Serum, Le Blanc, Hydra Beauty, and Sublimage. Undoubtedly, the products would cost you more money than you would ordinarily pay for make-up products—but it is all worth it!
  3. Maybelline: Usually known as Maybelline New York, Maybelline is the pride of the American cosmetics market. However, not many would know but, it is actually a wholly owned subsidiary of the world cosmetics leader, L’Oreal.
    The journey of Maybelline has been inspiring; starting out as a small, family-run business, it went on to become one of the most well-established make-up brands. It is particularly famous for its range of eyeliners and kohl.
  4. Estee Lauder: Estee Lauder is a huge empire of personal care products. It manufactures and markets a variety of personal care items such as make-up, skincare, hair care and what not. It is an American company which has made a name of itself in a market dominated by European brands.
    There are many brands under Estee Lauder such as Bobbi Brown, La Mer, MAC Cosmetics, Origins. GLAMGLOW, Clinique, and Michael Kors Beauty. By now, you must have figured out that we are talking about a powerful and well-known make-up company.
  5. Dior: Dior, or Christian Dior, is a French company known for its wide range of luxury goods. Dior is spearheaded by Bernard Arnault, who incidentally heads LVMH which is the largest luxury group in the whole world.
    Dior is often used by professional make-up artists and hence, has a lot of demand in the entertainment industry. Of course, the products are on the expensive side—but, luxury is not easy to come by, and you must pay a price to taste it. Dior, as a matter of fact, will not disappoint you.
  6. Shiseido: Shiseido is an interesting player in a market dominated by western forces. It is a Japanese multinational company manufacturing and marketing personal care products. It is one of the oldest personal care companies in the world, having been established in the year 1872. It is also the fifth largest such company in the world.

Due to its international stature, it has acquired many companies and has many subsidiaries operating across the globe.

You name it and the brand offers that product—whether it is lipstick, eyeliner, foundations and what not.

It is quite known for its hydropower eye shadows which are favorites of many celebrities.

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