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5 Tips To Organize Your Wardrobe and Make It Look Like It Should


Doesn’t it bother you to see your wardrobe cluttered every time you open it? I, honestly, hate it, particularly because it used to take me a lot of time to uncover the clothes I actually wanted to wear. Then, of course, I had to resort to the organization of my wardrobe.

The organization of your wardrobe is a good idea, but many feel that it is time-consuming and boring. I would agree to the former, but not to the latter. In fact, as you progress towards de-cluttering and organizing your wardrobe, you would feel excited to reach the end-result.

This being said, I agree that the task could be painstaking because while it looks simple, organizing a wardrobe is very tedious. However, I have a few tips which might be of some real good use to you.

Here are 5 tips which can greatly help you organize your wardrobe. Stick to them sincerely, and I am pretty sure you will get good results.

  1. Clear Everything Out of The Wardrobe: Many people are ambitious and try to de-clutter and organize wardrobe without removing what is there inside. If you actually wanted a good looking wardrobe, you would know that that is not a good idea.
    You need to first clear everything out. Take out everything you have stored or rather stuffed inside your wardrobe so that you have an idea of what you have and what needs organizing.
  2. Go by Type: Once you have cleared out everything from the wardrobe, survey what you have. Following this exercise, you need to separate items by type. For example, separate clothes by tops and bottoms. I often sub-categorize my tops into the ones for regular wear and for special occasions.
    There is no straightjacket formula with respect to this. You can have whatsoever type that fits you. Also, you need to take into account whether your categorization is sustainable in the amount of space you have got.
  3. Get hangers: If there is one thing which can miraculously reduce the amount of effort you would otherwise be putting, then that has to be a nice set of hangers. Hangers make life easy. Get good and sturdy ones, preferably multi-level ones in case you have less wardrobe space. Make the best use of the vertical space you have with the help of these beauties.


  4. Give Away Clothes You Do Not Need: Most of the time our wardrobe is stuffed with long-forgotten clothes, and that makes it all the more tough to organize it. If you want to make the whole organization process easier, then you should strongly consider donating clothes.
    While I understand that many have the tendency to keep holding on to clothes until they tear up, it is not a good habit actually, especially when your wardrobe always go haywire no matter how much try avoiding that.
    When you get all the clothes out for surveying, create a separate pile of clothes which you rarely wear or do not want.
  5. All In One Basket: Now, it is not just clothes and shoes which fill up the space of our wardrobes. There are accessories which end up there and cause confusion. You can sort the whole thing out with the help of a basket.
    Get a basket into which you can throw all your accessories and pick them out whenever you need them. However, use this basket only for those which you use regularly or frequently. Do not mix up items which you wear on special occasions with the ones inside this basket. The purpose of the basket is to remove the regular clutter—remember that!
  6. Maintain It: Yes, the last tip is the most important one because all of your hard work will be in vain unless you maintained the wardrobe you had so diligently organized. Once you have organized your wardrobe, make it a point to not disturb the setting every time you open it. Also, clean it up at least once a month so that your items inside do not get spoilt.

In case you are not sure when you should clean up your wardrobe, just notice whether you have been able to find items easily—and well, you will know whether it is time!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - 5 Tips To Organize Your Wardrobe and Make It Look Like It Should
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