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Things To Remember While Applying For A Tourist Visa

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Traveling to a foreign land and exploring the wonders of nature, experiencing different cultures and discovering new cuisines is a dream of many travel enthusiasts. Turning this dream into reality largely depends on the approval of your tourist visa.

Processing documents and clearing interviews can be rigorous, but still getting your visa approved is an achievable goal. To make your visa processing easy, let us be your friend and guide you through this ordeal with the help of this checklist.

  1. Fulfilling Necessary Requirements
    Although it is no brainer that you should turn in all the necessary documents, some people consider skipping a few documents fine, which is not. If you apply with incomplete records, you may have to reapply as your application will not be excepted.
    So save your time and effort as these appointments are difficult to get.
  2. Check With Embassy
    It is always a good idea to check with the respective embassy of the country you are planning to visit before applying for a visa because each country has different regulations and requirements. For instance, they may want you to staple your photo instead of pasting it or may ask you to fill up the form in black ink.
    Also, prepare a checklist of all the essential documents by contacting the embassy, so you don’t miss out on any important papers. Some embassies won’t require you to go through an interview if your documents are well-organized and up to date as they rely only on documents.
  3. Authentic Documentation: Submitting fake or doctored documents is a big ”NO’. It can result in your visa getting denied or being banned from entering the respective country forever.
  4. Overdelivering Evidence: Most of the times and the embassy may ask you for identity proof, residential proof, etc. In such cases, overdeliver or provide more than one evidence to prove your genuineness. Overdelivering is always good as long as the documents you are submitting are relevant.
  5. Show That You Are Seasoned Traveller: You can show that you are well-traveled by displaying your tickets/bookings or passport stamps. Although it is not mandatory, it proves that you are acquainted with traveling abroad, and you have always returned back without overstaying.
  6. Be Clear About Purpose: Although travel visa is for tourist, it is necessary that you mention it clearly and precisely. You can provide them with a detailed plan about places you want to visit and things you want to experience when applying for a tourist visa. If you are visiting a friend, you can opt for ”visit a friend’ visa which falls under a more specific category. If you are staying at a friend or relative, you may have to prove your relationship with them. To know which visa to apply for consult the respective embassy.
  7. Sufficient Funds: Every embassy wants to ensure that you can support yourself abroad. If you fail to prove your financial independence, embassies may become skeptical about how you will fund your trip and in some cases may also doubt your intentions. To avoid such instances, you may have to turn in details such as credit/debit card scores,  bank statements, tax statements or certificates, etc. This requirement may change based on your employment status.
  8. Sponsors: Even if you can finance your trip on your own, have sponsors to add strength to your application. It can be relatives or friends who can act as sponsors, but only on paper. If you are opting for sponsors, you will need proof of your relationship with them and also strong reason as to why they are sponsoring your trip. Just ensure that you have enough funds before mentioning sponsors as the immigration officers may check your finances before you enter any country.

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