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5 Things To Know Before Traveling to the Great Sahara Desert

Sahara desert in Morocco

The Great Sahara desert is the largest hot desert in the world and covers most parts of North Africa. It is one of the most popular places in the African continent, and if there is anything that you would most certainly know about Africa, it is Sahara.

Due to its picturesque setting and sheer size, Sahara has attracted a lot of tourists and now provides many touristic opportunities for people from all over the world. However, Sahara is not easy to tread and you cannot travel through it without any preparation. Even the most adventurous spirit of yours would end up getting some preparation done.

Just in case you are planning to visit Sahara or may visit in the future, you should consider reading through this article very seriously. I have enumerated 5 things which you must know before you make headway towards Sahara. With this, let us find out what they are.

  1. One day is not enough: Morocco is the place to start with. More specifically, it is the small village called Merzouga which provides you the door to Sahara. It is quite far away from Marrakech, a major city of Morocco; the distance should be about 560 kilometers.
    Even if you start from Marrakech early, it will take more than a day to reach Merzouga because of many reasons. The topography is rough, meandering and unpredictable and these make driving to Merzouga an uphill task.
    Trying to finish off the entire tour in a single day would compromise your experience. In fact, take your time and enjoy the wonderland of sand which Merzouga is.

    Sahara desert in Morocco

  2. Mind What You Are Wearing To Morocco: Morocco is a conservative country, which observes traditional norms very seriously. As a result of this, it is expected that its people and those coming from outside observe how they behave and what they wear in public.
    Since you will have to go through rural areas on your travel to Sahara, it is highly advised that you take due note of what you are wearing. For starters, do not show off too much skin. Women and men are equally expected to enforce clothing etiquettes which are Moroccan-approved.
  3. Best Time To Visit: We are talking about the largest desert in the world, which is still considerably remote and undergoes extreme weather conditions. Naturally, you should consider the time when you visit it.
    It is recommended that you visit Sahara between May and October, considering the weather conditions during the day are bearable and would not exhaust you. Winter season is not advisable because the night-time temperature often falls below freezing. Sandstorms are common too during winters
    Despite the period between May and October suggested as ideal, you should know that it is also the time for extreme summery conditions. The period between June and September is quite hot.

    Sahara desert in Morocco

  4. What Can You Do Here: There is no dearth of what you can experience at Sahara. You can engage in a plethora of fun activities which will ensure that you never forget the time you had over there.
    You can stay with locals and know their way of life, hunt for fossils, listen to and enjoy the charm of Gnawa music, get bewitched by the beauty of the sand dunes, and shop till you drop at local markets, particularly Rissani which is the largest market of the region.
    Of course, if all the above does not suit your taste, you can simply climb up a camel and ride through the vast expanse of the desert or lie on the silky sand and gaze at the endless stream of stars—a view to behold forever in your eyes.

    Sahara desert in Morocco

  5. Be Careful When Travelling With Children: You may want to travel with your kids to Sahara, and there is nothing wrong about the same. A family trip works so long as you take care of certain things before you leave.
    There are a few things to remember when travelling with kids to Sahara: keep them hydrated all the time, have them wear loose-fitting clothes, apply sunscreen to their skin, keep them under shade as much as possible, and keep yourself stocked with snacks in case your children do not do well with the local cuisine.

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