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10 Ten Things You Should Know Before Booking A Luxury Hotel

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Hotels ensure that your stay is warm and comfortable in an unknown city. They act as a home away from home during your stay. With too many options available online booking a most suitable luxury hotel that meets all your requirements at the best price can be overwhelming. Here is a small guide on things to consider before booking a luxury hotel to assist you to save time and money without having to compromise on your comfort.

  1. Location
    Location of your luxury hotel plays a vital role in deciding the quality of your vacation. A centrally located hotel which is in proximity to all the tourist spots can save you time and travel expenses. It allows you to visit more places by cutting on time and money that you may otherwise spend on transportation.
  2. Read Reviews
    Don’t trust everything mentioned on the hotel’s website. Read user reviews to figure out the quality of customer service provided by the hotel. It also allows us to know if any facility is out of service or if the building is under construction. A hotel with a bunch of good user reviews is much more trustworthy as sometimes two-star hotels turn out to be much more welcoming and pleasant than the four-star hotels.

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  3. Hotel Reputations
    Some hotel chains ensure a comfortable stay at affordable prices at various locations. Although there can be chances of making the wrong choice by sticking to a particular hotel chain, you know what to expect from them. Joining loyalty programs in such cases can be beneficial as specific hotels always offer good experience than others. Loyalty and reward programs can also earn you free or discounted accommodations in the future.
  4. Parking Facilities
    If you are traveling by car or planning to rent one during your stay at hotel check for the availability for the parking space. Also, make sure that there are no extra costs for parking or valet services before you check-in.
  5. Extra Tips and Fees
    Some hotels may have hidden costs or added fees for services like parking fee, safe fee, wifi charges, resort fees, etc. To avoid the burden of unknown additional charges always check out hotel websites directly where they might list the prices that they charge. You can also call hotel upfront before checking in to get a total of possible expenses and ask to waive off fees for services which you won’t use.

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  6. Hotel Amenities
    Hotel amenities like access to pool or gym may be available at little or zero extra costs at some hotels when compared to others. Always check out facilities and services that are included in your booking charges and can be accessed without having to pay an extra fee.
  7. Room Amenities
    Check out if your room has amenities like wifi, television, temperature controller, room services included in your cost of bookings. You can also ask for other free amenities like mini freezer, coffee maker, or microwave at no added costs to make your stay better and comfortable.
  8. Shuttle
    If you are directly flying in without renting a car, its always a great idea to look for hotels that provide shuttles. Many standard hotels at popular tourist destinations like Disneyland offer shuttles to their occupants for discounted rates.

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  9. Room Upgrades
    Instead of staying at expensive hotels you can opt for a cheaper alternative and make your stay comfortable just by upgrading your room for a few extra bucks. When booking let the management know if its special occasion. You may receive special treatment like cake, chocolates, bouquets, and even upgraded rooms and exciting packages.
  10. Extra Nights
    If you stay long enough, some hotels may offer free night stay or some percentage off on your total billing. So it’s advisable to inquire about such offers and plan your trip accordingly to save some extra bucks.
  11. Chartering a luxury yacht instead of booking a hotel: Nikolas M, managing director at Cosmos Luxury Yachts, a luxury yacht agency, says, “yacht essentially is a floating luxury boutique hotel without a single other guest. In a hotel the staff can cater to your every whim, but there are other guests, too. On a luxury yacht, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want.: “In most cases,” adds Nikolas, “the crew to guest ration is a minimum of 1 to 1″—very rare in hotels.”

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