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Top Management Schools For MBA In Marketing In The US, 2019

Harvard Business School

In current day world which is ruled by consumerism and competitiveness, marketing management has become sought after course for many aspirants. Marketing is much more real-time, challenging and practical oriented subject which involves deep knowledge about the company’s product along with some important insights into how a customer thinks.

As the thoughts of customer change dynamically with the information explosion, it is quite a daunting task for the marketing manager. It takes a lot of efforts and hard work for the marketing manager to develop skills which would help them in their professional life.

The first step in developing such skills is to get a proper marketing degree and USA is the right place for opportunities and climbing the career ladder. Here are top MBA universities in the USA which offer the top-notch marketing degree:

  1. Harvard Business School: In the CEOWORLD magazine’s best business schools in the world rankings 2019, Harvard Business School MBA program has a global ranking of 3 (out of 107) institutions – Harvard is a dream for every management aspirant. Their marketing department, in particular, is quite up-to-date when it comes to revising coursework, building practical approach to make the students understand concepts quite easily, amazing library sources and lot of social clubs for the students to interact.
    Harvard Business School’s marketing faculty members: David E. Bell, Jose B. Alvarez, Tomomichi Amano, Eva Ascarza, Jill J. Avery, Kate Barasz, Doug J. Chung, Rohit Deshpande, Robert J. Dolan, Anita Elberse, John T. Gourville, Sunil Gupta, Ayelet Israeli, Elizabeth A. Keenan, Rajiv Lal, Navid Mojir, Das Narayandas, Donald K. Ngwe, Michael I. Norton, Elie Ofek, V. Kasturi Rangan, Shelle M. Santana, Shunyuan Zhang, John A. Deighton, Stephen A. Greyser, Benson P. Shapiro, Alvin J. Silk, Gerald Zaltman.
    Programs: HBS MBA ($110,740)
  2. Wharton School at the University of PennsylvaniaŽ: In the CEOWORLD magazine rankings of the world’s leading MBA programs, Wharton School is ranked 5th in the “Best Business Schools” league table. Their special emphasis on marketing subject deals with including world-class infrastructure and faculty. The international student intake here is quite high which enables the student to interact with different cultural backdrop students in ease. Wharton’s Marketing professors are some of the most cited, and most published marketing faculty in the world.  Wharton began teaching and researching marketing before the field even existed, initiating courses in 1909 in what was then known as “merchandising.”
    Wharton School’s marketing faculty members: J. Scott Armstrong, Jonah Berger, Ron Berman, Eric T Bradlow, Ryan Dew, Jehoshua Eliashberg, Peter Fader, Raghuram Iyengar, Barbara E. Kahn, Catherine Lamberton, John McCoy, Barbara Mellers, Shiri Melumad, Robert Meyer, Gideon Nave, Aviv Nevo, Michael Platt, Jagmohan Raju, Americus Reed, David Reibstein, Thomas S. Robertson, Marissa A. Sharif, Deborah Small, Christophe Van den Bulte, Patti Williams, Pinar Yildirim, Z. John Zhang, Sudeep Bhatia, Gérard Cachon, Ulrich Doraszelski, Emily Falk, Amit Gandhi, Kartik Hosanagar, Joseph Kable, Abba M. Krieger, Joseph Simmons, Daniel Gray Goldstein, Martin R. Lautman, Keith Niedermeier, George Day, Stephen Hoch, J. Wesley Hutchinson, Leonard Lodish, Yoram (Jerry) Wind.
    Program: Wharton MBA: $81,378
  3. Stanford Graduate School of Business: This historic university might rank 6th in MBA programs, but their fantastic campus is a huge factor of attraction. The marketing degree here is very practical oriented which enables the students to experience real-time scenarios even before they finish their course. The university has multiple accreditations which are quite amazing for the student to embrace. Moreover, the university is located in the midst of technology giants like Apple, Facebook, and Dell to get a real-time corporate experience. Its marketing curriculum is designed to demonstrate to students the implications of these insights for different areas of marketing practice, including branding, pricing, new product development, advertising and marketing communication, channels of distribution, and marketing research.
    Stanford Graduate School of Business’s marketing faculty members: Jennifer Aaker, Stephen J. Anderson, Bart J. Bronnenberg, Pedro M. Gardete, Wesley R. Hartmann, Szu-chi Huang, James M. Lattin, Jonathan Levav, David Bruce Montgomery, Harikesh S. Nair, Sridhar Narayanan, Michael L. Ray, Navdeep S. Sahni, Stephan Seiler, Baba Shiv, Itamar Simonson, V. “Seenu” Srinivasan, Zakary Tormala, Stephanie M. Tully, S. Christian Wheeler.
    Program: The two-year Stanford MBA ($115,917)
  4. Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University: This amazing business management school offers degrees in general management, finance, and of course marketing as well. They have full time and part-time MBA programs which are quite spot-on. Kellogg Marketing department’s research and expertise include marketing analytics; consumer behavior and cultural marketing; advertising effectiveness; and the development of marketing principles and new products. Kellogg School of Management is ranked 17th in the world in the 2019 CEOWORLD magazine’s best business schools in the world ranking.
    Kellogg School of Management’s marketing faculty members: James Anderson, Eric T. Anderson, Ulf Bockenholt, Galen Bodenhausen, Gregory Carpenter, Moran Cerf, Alexander Chernev, Anne Coughlan, Jennifer Cutler, Ping Dong, Brett Gordon, Kent Grayson, Lakshman Krishnamurthi, Aparna Labroo, Angela Y. Lee, Blake McShane, Neal Roese, Derek D. Rucker, Rima Toure-Tillery, Anna Tuchman, Alice M. Tybout, and Mohanbir Sawhney.
    One-Year MBA: $101,288
    Two-Year MBA: $73,404
    JD-MBA Program: $94,168
  5. Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan: In the CEOWORLD magazine “Best Business Schools” rankings of the world’s leading MBA programs, Ross School of Business is ranked 26th globally. The teaching faculty here is quite dynamic and never hesitate to give the best experience for the students in terms of learning and exploring. With an impressive placement record, Ross University is one of the oldest universities in USA for pursuing MBA. Michigan Ross Marketing professors use concepts from psychology, economics, statistics, neuroscience, and engineering to tackle the crucial issues of today’s fast-moving markets.
    Michigan Ross’s marketing faculty members: Amy Angell, Anocha Aribarg, Richard Bagozzi, Rajeev Batra, Katherine Burson, E. Follett Carter, Marcus Collins, Fred Feinberg, Claes Fornell, Rich Gonzalez, Justin Huang, Tom Kinnear, Aradhna Krishna, Chantel Lenard, Puneet Manchanda, Michael Metzger, Tim O’Day, Rodger Olson, A. Yesim Orhun, Venkatram Ramaswamy, Scott Rick, Mike Ryan, Jon Schulz, Eric Schwartz, S Sriram, Shalena Srna, Burcu Tasoluk, James Taylor, Martin Warshaw, David Wooten, Frank Yates, Carolyn Yoon.
    Full-Time MBA: $63,646
    Evening MBA: $127,969
    Weekend MBA: $127,969
    Executive MBA: $163,000
    Global MBA: $140,730
  6. Fuqua School of Business at Duke University: Fuqua School of Business ranks no. 28 in their executive marketing MBA which is a great achievement. Their marketing degree is real-time oriented with great insight into marketing strategies, training the students in current marketing trends and many more. Management school is quite impressive in placement records along with gender equality when it comes to accepting students.
    The marketing department at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business is comprised of world-renowned thought leaders in the field of Marketing – Wilfred Amaldoss, Dan Ariely, Jim Bettman, Bill Boulding, Tanya L. Chartrand, Keisha Cutright, Preyas Desai, Julie Edell, Jordan Etkin, Gavan Fitzsimons, Tong Guo, Joel Huber, Mary Frances Luce, Carl Mela, Christine Moorman, Russ Morgan, Devavrat Purohit, Rick Staelin, Peter A Ubel, John McCann, and John Payne.
    Daytime MBA: $70,000
    Global Executive MBA: $148,000
    Weekend Executive MBA: $140,400

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