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Things That Kids Today Will Never Know And Understand!

Floppy disk

We all are aware of the generation gap. That disconnection between the mindsets, philosophies, outlooks and lifestyles between generations is a much talked about aspect and is often the central subject to be pondered upon by parents to ensure they are successful and adept at parenthood. You would not particularly relate to this if you are a new parent because right now the little one has no discernable feelings and mindset of it’s own.

But when they reach the age of 6 or even 5, they start forming images and opinions and apprehensions about everything they see in the world, and amongst those things, there would be stuff that they may never see or never even heard of because of the fact that it is so outdated and out of time.

This article gives you a list of stuff your kids may never see or feel in their lifetime. Its a vast topic but this list sums up the most vivid memories. Time to have your own nostalgia then.

  1. Cassettes and cassette players: This one had to be on the top of this list, for obvious reasons. We all had a Sony Walkman, or at least a copy of the iconic Walkman when we were kids ourselves. That feeling of being able to listen to 10-15 songs on a magnetic tape spooled around a plastic casing (called the cassette) and played on a device (such as the walkman) is something your child will never be able to feel, or see, and thats kind of sad.

    Cassettes and cassette players

  2. CRT TVs: They were big, bulky and gave you a headache or bleary eyes (or both) after a few minutes of watching. But they opened the doors to a bigger and wider world for us. Channels like National Geographic and Lonely Planet was the stuff of dreams, and every modern traveler worth his/her salt would attribute the big TV for engendering those dreams in the first place.

    CRT TVs

  3. Paper books: Although they still exist in the modern age, their relevance is decreasing by the day, not only because of the fact that everything is digitized and available at the palm of your hand, but also because of environmental concerns of paper manufacture itself. Its hard to find libraries full of books made of paper nowadays, and the smell of a book is something your child may never get to experience.
  4. Board games: Ludo, Chess, Monopoly, Carrom and Scrabble are a few of the umpteen board games that we played and loved when we were kids. That feeling of enjoying the summer holidays with friends, cousins and siblings while having snacks and playing these physical games was a feeling that many kids nowadays may not be able to experience or witness, because all of these are anyway available to play with the whole world on a mobile screen.
  5. Film Cameras: Just like cassettes and floppy disks, nobody, except the most nostalgic and purist enthusiasts, uses the film camera now. Your kids will never know the process of taking 36 odd photographs on a bulky device, sending it to the photo studio to get those negatives developed and printed, and waiting patiently for them to arrive at your doorstep a few days later. That delayed fuse made the memories even more memorable, but sadly, in the modern world of instant coffee, its a thing of the past.
  6. Passing notes at school: The genesis of all modern day relationships was probably at school, or college, where we passed on handwritten notes to the intended recipient and having the absolute butterflies in the stomach of having to open the note and reading the contents. In the modern age of instant text messaging this otherworldly feeling is somewhat muted and subdued, and your children are going to miss that.
  7. Floppy disk
  8. Rotary Telephones

    Rotary Telephones

  9. Encyclopedias


  10. Typewriters


  11. The VCR

    The VCR

  12. Video rental stores

    Video rental stores

  13. Walkman
  14. Dial up and wired Internet: Speeds were in the vicinity of a few kilobytes per second, HTML websites took a minute or two to fully load, and not the least, the sound the computer used to make when connecting to the phone line, as if communicating with the distant internet world in it;s own language, are all idiosyncrasies that the modern kid will never know of. In all fairness, dial up internet was a pain to deal with, with having to be wired to truly stay connected an added misery, but our first window to the world of internet was a special one, especially considering the toils we had to endure to get the prize. Modern day kids will never know that pain.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - Things That Kids Today Will Never Know And Understand!
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