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Top 5 Places In The World That Serve The Best Seafood

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Seafood consumption and harvesting is as ancient as the invention of stone tools. In addition to fishes and shellfishes, even sea plants are an edible component of those vast water bodies that makes up most of this planet. Wonder how far humans can venture, even into the most secluded of areas, to satisfy their need.

Well, you need not venture far into deep ocean crevices or trenches; all you need is a means of transport to these top 5 places that serve the world’s best seafood.

  1. Tokyo, Japan: A visit to The Land of the Rising Sun offers quite an experience! From the famous Tsukiji Fish Market, with its widespread sushi counters and live (literally!) fish auctions, to Sukiyabashi Jiro, arguably the best sushi restaurant in the world, Tokyo in Japan is the hub where seafood lovers thrive. Even local chefs, encountered at almost every corner of this beautiful city, won’t fail in providing you with the freshest and tastiest seafood!
  2. Panama City, Panama: Never failing to provide the world with the best seafood restaurants, the largest city of Panama is a place where locals and tourists alike cannot get enough of the savory and addictive seafood this city offers. Like every great seafood city, it has its fair share of fish markets, with the busiest and most famous being Mercado de Mariscos. This fish market is set right on the pier and hence provides the freshest catch of the day to the shoppers and to the restaurants even, that are set atop this crowded yet enjoyable place.Panama City, Panama
  3. Maine, United States: Once you enter this city and ask around, you will know it is all about lobsters. With its famous Maine lobster rolls, this city is known for providing the best of the coveted crustacean meat in the world. The Atlantic coast has several independent lobstermen, that are always eager to get freshest of the catch, which is then processed and provided to amazing restaurants such as Five Island Lobster Co. or even your run-of-the-mill food stalls, where the juiciest of the lobster meat, with mayonnaise, is wrapped into rolls, giving this city its famous yet so simple dish, Maine lobster rolls.Maine, United States
  4. Hong Kong: Seafood in Hong Kong, being integral in its Cantonese-styled cuisine, makes this destination a must visit for any person who wishes to eat seafood as fresh as it was when alive. One can see the catch being sold directly from the catcher’s boats. The seafood market in Sai Kung and Lie Yue Mung, an almost ancient fishing village, are the places to be if you are a seafood lover who finds themselves in Hong Kong. Jumbo Kingdom floating restaurant is an example of the traditional yet modern restaurants all around the city that even permit you to bring the catch you bought yourselves from the harbor markets, for it to be perfectly cooked and placed in your plates for quick consumption, with a bottle of baijiu if your budget allows.Hong Kong
  5. New Orleans, Louisiana, United States: With the New Orleans Seafood Festival in October, kick start your amazing journey full of flavor and music. Known worldwide for its seafood and the history behind it, this city has never backed down when it came to a battle of flavors. Cajun and Creole, being this city’s local cuisines, would leave anyone mesmerized and begging for more of these complex mixtures of seafood dishes. With its gulf oysters and catfish, this city automatically fixates on a foodie’s mind and tongue. Crawfish etouffee and southern crawfish boil both are experiences a seafood lover cannot afford to miss!

In all of these cities, and many more, seafood brought people together. The numerous festivals and celebrations that are held in these cities to honor traditions of fishing and catching of these seafaring creatures for consumption, tell us but one thing – we have always respected the food that this nature has provided us. So book your tickets to any of the aforementioned top 5 places in the world that serve the best seafood, pack your bags, and depart for one of the most memorable experiences in your life!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Top 5 Places In The World That Serve The Best Seafood
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