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Here Are The Top 5 Beard Styles For Different Occasions

Man with beard

Beards as a sartorial choice have been on the rise for a while now. Gone are the days of clean-shaven, smooth, slick pretty men. Nowadays, almost everyone sports at least a bit of facial hair. Facial hair can completely change the way a man looks.

It can hide acne, scars, double chins, and other imperfections, and give much more definition to a face. A beard, basically, allows completely new sort of a freedom for men who want to change their appearance and image.

But it can be considerably difficult to pick one beard style out of so many options, so to help you out, we have curated a list of top 5 beard styles for different occasions.

  1. The Stubble: The stubble is one of the easiest styles of beard to maintain. It’s a little more hair than a five ‘o’clock shadow, but lesser than a short beard. It gives just a little ruggedness and roguishness to an otherwise round or lesser defined face. If you have a prominent jaw, stubble would accent that beautifully, and if your jaw is not as defined, slightly darker stubble would bring more definition to the angles of your jaw.  However, remember not to trim the stubble too short (3-5mm is a pretty good range) as it looks cheeky, and too long a stubble looks scruffy.

    Man with the Stubble beard

  2. The Goatee: The goatee is another easy option for those who have patchy growths of facial hair but want to keep a beard. Strictly defined, a goatee means having hair above the lip and on the chin. It can be connected or not, be supported by sideburns or just be completely alone, like two pencil thin lines of hair drawn around a mouth (Like Johnny Depp’s). Maintaining a goatee is a little harder, since you have to ensure that it keeps its shape every time you shave, and to clean everything you do not want in or near that area. A goatee lends itself well to slimmer faces, and gives them an almost intellectual look. It can also be used to make round faces look a little thinner. However, making a goatee too long or too thin draws the face out too much.

    Man with Goatee

  3. The Short Beard: The short beard is a new professional favourite. So much so that it’s acquired the moniker of ‘The Corporate Beard’. Now, the short beard needs to grow out for a bit (about two to three weeks) and it requires a lot of maintenance. It basically sticks to your face, with not much going below it, and for that to happen, it needs to be oiled, trimmed and shaped almost daily. However, all this effort pays off spectacularly, in the form of a stylish, sleek yet masculine beard. The short beard gives your face a stronger definition and more masculinity than the medium stubble or a scruffy beard. However, it also lends itself to a discipline and grace that other, longer beards usually lack. A corporate beard looks tight and well groomed, and is a good fit for square faces and faces with strong, prominent jaws.

    Man with the Short beard

  4. The Hollywoodian: The Hollywoodian is a relatively newer style of beard, with a strong, bold mustache and a bushy, dense beard around the jaw, but with no sideburns to connect it to. This, too, requires a fair amount of maintenance, though not as much as the Corporate beard. It draws the attention away from cheeks and strengthens and emboldens the jaw, and gives a look of refined masculinity. Just let the beard on your jaw and your mustache grow out for about a month, or till whatever length you are comfortable with, and keep shaving your sideburns.

    Man with the Hollywoodian beard

  5. The Full beard: The full beard is almost a rite of passage among young male adults, and everyone has tried at least once to grow one out. The full beard is the manliest of them all, with associations to Vikings and pirates and some of the manliest men. A good, flowing, healthy full beard looks absolutely amazing, no matter the face type of the person. It also allows further opportunities to experiment with braiding and accessorizing the beard, making it one of the best beards to sport. Growing one out, however, requires patience and effort. But all the efforts pay off for a beautiful, glorious beard.

    Man with the Full beard

The world of styling facial hair is vast and welcoming, and you come out looking the best you can be. So, as you can see, there’s a beard for everyone, and there’s no excuse to not try one out for yourself!

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