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6 Of The Most Historically Notable Universities In The United States

Harvard University

The U.S. might be a newly formed nation but the history it has it quite inspiring and intriguing. The way it transformed into a liberal country with free-thinking, progressive attitude and development is quite an interesting thing to observe. It is also a pioneer in the educational system now with world-class academics, encouragement of international students and what not?

This is one of the reasons why many international students opt for the USA to pursue their management studies. Some of the history enthusiasts also look for such universities in USA which have a long history. Here is a list of such historic notable universities in the USA:

  1. Harvard University:
    Established: 1636 (chartered in 1650)
    Established in 1636 at relaxing Massachusetts, it was originally called New College. The name was later changed to Harvard in the honor of the benefactor John Harvard who gave 320-volume library at his will to the place. The university is currently ranked 4th in CEOWORLD magazine University Rankings and management degree here is taught by world-class faculty. In the CEOWORLD magazine University Rankings by Subject, it’s placed first in the world for the broad subject area of life science, second for medicine and health science; education — 3rd for engineering and technology — 4th for physical science; social sciences — 5th for arts and humanities — 7th for psychology; business and economics — and 9th for computer science.Harvard University
  2. Yale University
    Established: 1701
    Founded in 1701, the university is currently ranked 19th in the world and originally founded as Collegiate School. It was renamed as Yale in the year 1718 after recognizing a gift from Elihu Yale,a governor of British East India Company. The university originally began to teach ministers in theology and sacred languages but from 1777, humanities and sciences were introduced. Yale was the first US university to award a PhD.Yale University
  3. University of Pennsylvania
    Established: 1740 (chartered in 1755)
    Also called as Penn State University for short, it was established by Benjamin Franklin and the first university to offer undergraduate and post-graduate studies in USA. In the year 1765, it became the first university to have a medical school. Penn currently ranks 16th in the world and mainly reputed for management and law courses. Lot of international students prefer Penn State University for its brilliance in academics and infrastructure.University of Pennsylvania
  4. University of Delaware:
    Established: 1743
    Founded in Newark, it was originally called Free School and had a name and location change several times. As Delaware was part of Pennsylvania colony until 1776, the university was denied a charter to avoid a rivalry with Penn State University. This university still has a great reputation for world-class faculty and infrastructure. The university also focuses on gender equality in admissions and has high international student intake.University of Delaware
  5. Princeton University:
    Established: 1746
    Originally called as College of New Jersey, it was established in order to train ministers. It also has some of the oldest university landmarks such as Nassau Hall from the year 1756. Nassau Hall was a temporary capital of USA for four months in the year 1783 where the Continental Congress met. Lot of world-class management leaders did their Management courses here. Princeton is currently ranked seventh in the world overall, 9th in the subject area of life science, and 1st for physical science.Princeton University
  6. Columbia University:
    Established: 1754
    It was chartered in the year 1754 as King’s College by royal charter of George II of Britain and renamed as Columbia college in 1784 when US gained independence. It is also one of the most esteemed universities in the USA for research and Pulitzer prize and ranks greatly for arts and humanities globally. Columbia University is currently the 9th best institution for medicine and health science.Columbia University

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Executive Education - 6 Of The Most Historically Notable Universities In The United States
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