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Top 5 Movies To Watch By University Students

Superbad 2007

Being a young adult, especially a university student, is a trying time for many. It is when students learn to be professionals and adults, in a largely independent situation. People develop essential life skills, outlooks, opinions, and grow as a person as a whole. These times offer a fertile ground for a lot of stories, which make it to the movies. There are a lot of great movies about this phase of our lives, and following are mentioned top 5 such movies.

  1. Superbad (2007)
    This comedy movie by famed producer – Judd Apatow, starring Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Emma Stone, and with appearances from many SNL comedy regulars (Seth Rogen, Bill Hader, Dave Franco, Joe Lo Truglio, and Martin Starr) is a positive riot. It’s the story of three not very popular friends, each with their respective crushes, who get invited to a giant party, provided that they bring liquor.It’s a long, rough night for them, and at the end of it there is genuine emotional growth for almost everyone involved. Superbad encompasses multiple hilarious adult jokes, which can sometimes be cringe-worthy. Nevertheless, it is one of the best comedy movie ever produced!

    Superbad 2007

  2. The Social Network (2010)
    When you put the story of Facebook in the hands of Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher, with talented actors like Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, and Rooney Mara, you get a brilliant movie that is worth watching by every person on Earth! The Social Network is much more than the story of Facebook. It examines the relationships between Mark Zuckerberg and other people, and how they were affected by all of these changes.
    It is bursting with humor and energy at the start, and then it seamlessly offers a dramatic touch. The Social Network is well shot and amazingly directed, and features an amazing turn by Jesse Eisenburg as Mark Zuckerberg. This is a truly essential film, especially for those planning on pursuing their entrepreneurial dream!

    Social Network 2010

  3. The Founder (2016)
    The Founder, at complete odds from the previously mentioned movie, examines a man who failed earlier, but still grabbed the opportunity when he saw it, and ended up creating thelargest fast food franchise worldwide– McDonald’s. While Zuckerberg was a fairly well off guy, who ended up getting accepted to Harvard, Ray Kroc was a failed salesman, and was struggling to make ends meet. Michael Keaton, the starrer, did an amazing job, and the story writing and direction is also done pretty well. Nick Offerman delivers another standout performance.
    Moreover, what we saw in the movie was the incredibly essential message that opportunity can strike anywhere, and that you don’t need a stellar academic career to make it big; rather, you need a lot of hard work, an eye for opportunity, and resourcefulness.

    The Founder 2016

  4. Whiplash (2014)
    Whiplash is yet another phenomenal film, which looks at an obsessed artist, and how he almost gets destroyed by the very craft he so loves, and his abusive, perfectionist teacher. It is directed by Damian Chazzelle, who won an Oscar for La La Land, and features Miles Teller as the protagonist. The highlight of the story, though, is J.K Simmons as Terence Fletcher, the Jazz teacher and orchestrator, who is a perfectionist in every regard and prone to fits of violence and rage when he doesn’t get the quality of music he wants from his students. It is a very well written, directed, and acted movie, and is a fascinating look at the standouts, the people who are so consumed and obsessed with their art that they will go to any lengths to better themselves.

    Whiplash (2014)

  5. Rushmore (1998)
    Rushmore was director and cinema auteur Wes Anderson’s second feature length film, and featured Bill Murray and the debut of Jason Schwartzmann as the protagonists. Both of these actors will go on to be Wes Anderson’s regulars, and his movies go on to improve greatly, but something about the amateur rawness of a perfectionist is very appealing, and Rushmore seems to have a lot of self-insertion by the director.
    The story focuses on Max Fischer, the son of a barber and an exceptional student at all co-curricular activities, be it music, drama, sports, hiking or literature, at his private school. It examines how his life of pretenses and inflated egos changes when he has to adjust to being kicked out. It is fascinating to see both Max Fischer and Wes Anderson grow, and is a very heartfelt, funny, and, at times, tragic movie.

    Rushmore 1998

It is advisable not to miss the aforementioned top 5 movies to watch if you are a university student. These are great representatives and aids to those enrolled in a university. They are sure to be worthy of your time!

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