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Integrate Social Group CEO Joey Hickson Talks About Social Media Etiquettes Applicable To Today’s Netizens

Joey Hickson

Joey Hickson has amassed a following of over 300 million on Instagram across his own handles @Joey, @LMAO and @Singers and the hundreds of clients’ accounts he has helped boost on the platform. Joey has become somewhat of a social media expert in his time and is consistently recognized as the driving force in the world of social media content production, marketing, and online influencing. Who could be better than him to give advice to today’s netizens aspiring for greatness on social media?

Joey was working in tech sales at the time of Instagram’s launch and became a very early adopter of the platform. He quickly saw the potential reach and the flexibility of his job allowed him to spend a lot of time learning the ins and outs of the app, particularly how to grow followers. Since then, he’s started his own media agency, Integrate Social, and has worked with hundreds of clients looking to promote their product or grow their following on Instagram, some of whom include; Gary Vee, Cody Sperber (aka the Clever Investor), Cody Alt, Matthew Morgan, Jason Vedadi, Fashion Nova, FitTea, Happy Tea, Shredz, Flo Rida, Empire Records, Capitol Records, and lots of other music artists owing to the fact that he owns and runs one of the largest music accounts on Instagram, @singers.

Knowing how to properly use hashtags on Instagram can prove invaluable when trying to grow an account’s following, helping to reach audiences that you may not otherwise be able to reach. Joey’s advice is to “Try to use 3-10 hashtags that are common, but not generic. I recommend posting them as the first comment rather than in the post caption, so it’s not as in-your-face. If you prompt engagement and use appropriate hashtags, your account should grow organically.”

For Joey Hickson, content is king when it comes to approaching social media from a marketing standpoint. He explains; “Social media is useless unless there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Your content is the cornerstone of your marketing. When you share graphics and engage in witty repartee, the purpose is to gain interest and to entice people to want to learn more.” Producing great content is just the beginning however, as having a polished post alone is not enough. “While a great visual may get you lots of shares, it’s not going to convert customers. When they get to your site, your content has to be as interesting as the post that attracted them. While social media is often compared to fishing, people are not fish. A shiny lure might get their attention, but the hook has to be baited with the real thing or the fish swims away. Content is the real thing”, he adds.

Once a potential customer has landed on your page, it’s also a good idea to offer an opt-in to gain access to further quality content, most people won’t hesitate to join a mailing list if the content is interesting to them and of a high standard. With every communication to your audience, you should always try to link back to your social media pages. With his proven success and following of millions, if you start to utilize these tips from Joey Hickson, you too can be well on your way to furthering your social media presence.

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