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Sunday, December 8, 2019

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Dressing Tips For Businesswomen over 40s


By the time women hit 40, they would already have discovered their signature style in terms of presenting themselves. It is casual chic or formal? Or too experimental? – no matter what it is, 40 is the time to maintain consistency when it comes to grooming and selecting clothes.

Businesswomen in particular need to get a cool style which suits their body type and aura.

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The 40s is the time to keep experimentation at bay and embrace age-appropriate styles for formal occasions.

Here are some of the dressing tips for businesswomen over The 40s:

  1. Don’t Go for Monochrome Look:
    While monochrome might look like a tempting idea for women over 40, it would be a bad idea to embrace it. Instead, go for contrasting colors to get into an appealing look instead of boring same color look. Try for classy contrasts like black- beige, blue-gray which never go out of trend.

  2. Choose the right fabrics:
    40s is the time to shop based on the comfortable fabric instead of how brilliant it looks. Choose timeless fabrics like organic cotton and linen over synthetic fabrics which give a frivolous impression during formal occasions. Organic silk is another perfect fit for formal occasions and also gives an ethnic edge to the outfit. There are an ample number of ethical clothing brands like People Tree which are quite at the hot seat.

  3. Avoid Skimpy Clothing:
    Do not opt for super short minis or skirts which aim at exposing your legs. Pencil skirts which accentuate your figure are good but do not go for the extremely low cut jeans or low cut blouses. The 40s is the time for elegance and grace- but not showy feels. A humble knee length pencil skirt paired with white button up blouse always goes perfectly well for board meetings or formal occasions.

  4. Bid Goodbye for Flashy Footwear:
    Invest in those pair of black or nude heels instead of several shiny footwear which actually gives a very bad impression for a businesswoman. Choose the black stiletto pair which is like a savior for every businesswoman. These not only accentuate the figure  but also give a beautiful elegant look during meetings.

  5. No-No to Ripped Jeans:
    Ripped jeans might be a high fashion among the younger lot, but for a businesswoman over 40s, it is a big fail. Opt for tailored fit trousers which are made of wrinkle-free material instead. For the ethereal look, choose the pinstriped versions of trousers which go perfectly well for all day long. Also, choose neutral colors like black, gray, olive and navy blue instead of flashy ones such as orange and violets!

    Businesswoman Shoes
  6. Invest in a Good Coat:
    Based on the climate you stay in, it is good to invest in a trench coat (for colder countries) or light jacket (for tropical countries). Prefer the classic white,gray or tan brown coat which suits almost every outfit on a day to day basis. Because it is quite amazing to choose a classy brand which also makes a stylish statement.


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