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Best Auto Parts For Your Car: How To Choose Rims


A car – is a freedom of movement, which, in turn, would be impossible without wheels and rims. At first glance, their task is simply to go around, but in fact, these parts have broader functionality. They create dynamics, comfort and steering response (as well as ensure road safety). To achieve a perfect balance of these properties for a car of any trademark, one should know precisely, which set is required for a specific model. The question arises, however, where exactly to buy such auto parts. 

Advantages of a huge range 

Online shops offer a wide selection of any spare parts, and rims are not an exception. They can quickly and without undue hardship find components you need: you only need to know a car make and model to which these spares are made.

A stock-list of the offered products is quite large. An impressive catalogue containing everything that is necessary for repairing or replacement of automotive wheels is a proof. Moreover, it is not necessary to go through all this mass of information – it is enough to use filters that will get you the right component in a matter of seconds.

Websites presents rims of different type and size, so the search will not take long. The visitors of online platforms will be happy to find out that catalogue contains not only genuine spare parts, but also low-cost analogs. The first group includes components manufactured directly by production companies, while the second group consists of on-size items produced by other companies. When purchasing the latter ones, you can really save some money. Speaking about the exploitation – analogs are completely equal to genuine components. 

A list of associated components offered above rims: 

  • Decorative caps;
  • Outward drop-down caps that cover hardware;
  • Standard hardware: nuts and bolts;
  • Dowels;
  • Closing rings.

Do you want to get all necessary auto parts delivered urgently? No problem – a shop’s delivery service will do it as quickly as possible. The situation in which something is missing at a warehouse and you have to wait for the required cap or holder is not possible: in general, companies cooperate with direct suppliers (it also explains affordable prices).

When customers first see an online catalog, many of them feel at a loss because of such diversity. To make the selection process easier, let us take a closer look at rims.

Differences between popular types

Different technologies are used to produce rims and, therefore, characteristics and prices may be different too. The vast majority of wheels belong to the following groups:

  1. Stamped wheels: This is the most popular type among the customers of Boodmo Company – These wheels are characterized by rather low cost and used on popular models of budget vehicles. Stamped wheels are made of steel that is painted after molding. This is a clear advantage for its maintainability ─ steel doesn’t break but bends after a strong impact, which means it will be quite easy to get a wheel in its original shape.
  2. Cast wheels (or alloy wheels): This is a great solution for those drivers, who value design – the use of aluminum makes it possible to put a wheel almost at any shape. These wheels cost a bit more than those made of steel, but the price is still within reasonable bounds. Truth is, after a hard contact, the surface of this wheel cracks (such defects are usually removed with the help of welding works).
  3. Forged wheels: This is a special manufacturing technology, which gives optimal structure to a work piece. Having low weight, such auto parts show increased strength and remain resistant to impacts even at a relatively high speed. The main disadvantage is the high price arising from manufacturing difficulties.

A particular type is selected taking into account exploitation conditions for a specific vehicle (state of roads, speed rate) and driving style of its owner ─ a non-professional racer will quickly “kill” even alloy wheels, while more professional driver can use even stamped wheels for a long time.

Everyone who ever thought about purchasing auto rims was definitely curious about things affected by these details. 

What role do rims play in exploitation? 

Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

Constructors, test drivers and racers can mention a number of moments connected with the operation of this unit on a road. Experienced drivers will confirm their arguments by bringing examples from their own practice. If we avoid difficult calculations, it becomes clear that automobile wheels affect the following aspects:

  • Steering response;
  • Dynamic performance;
  • Smooth ride;
  • Safety.

The first item is easy: wheels with rims are the first to take hits caused by road humps (and only then, the energy of hits is transmitted to shock struts and body). That is why the right choice of a set plays a critical role – high-quality products improve stability and, in case of any abnormal situation (sideslip), allows a driver to reach its car’s normal position faster. Aside from that, professional drivers point out a direct link between characteristics of wheels and “sharpness” of a steering box.

Speaking of dynamics, people mostly remember the component’s weight. The heavier the component, the faster a car accelerates, and it becomes easier to maintain the speed (for instance, when freewheeling). This allows for more efficient use of fuel. The situation is a bit different when it goes about capacity – it was calculated that the reduction of weight of automotive rims per 1 kg gives an increase in capacity (1%). In the case of a family car, this increase is nearly insensible, so you can safely buy stamped wheels.

Comfort – is, first of all, smooth driving. For more convenient movement, it is recommended to install genuine sets or components from reliable companies. Unknown products are dangerous in the fact that your suspension will give much tougher response to unevenness roads (it will be noisier in a vehicle).

When driving slowly along a dry road, the “character” of a wheel is virtually invisible. However, in the rain, the car’s behavior can change in a bang: “deep” sideslips and even regular steering on a straightway are possible. This is a typical picture if a component has been selected improperly. Products offered by the team of Boodmo exclude this possibility – you will be able to control your car in any situation, which guarantees absolute safety of driving. 

Pay attention to marking 

Wheel marking is a separate issue with its own nuances. Specialists know that there is a big number of indications and tolerances. But a regular driver just needs to know the most popular of them.

Jaguar XE

For example, let us consider a sample having the flowing index: 15х5 1/2J. This “code” contains the following parameters:

  • Coupling size (in our case – 15 inches);
  • Rim width (5 1/2).

J index can provide some useful information only to a professional of tire creating and highlights some design features like bending radius or discharge angle.

Of course, specific figures given for these auto parts will vary depending on the vehicle model. Nevertheless, beyond numerical values, other details are also taken into account.

This is a diameter of a hub opening (D or DIA), shape and number of fastener openings (PCD), special aspects of hardware and deport.

“Central” is estimated even before purchasing: if you make a mistake, a wheel will not put on. A number of mounting sockets for bolts or dowels is visible and you can easily count it. But when it goes about the shape of butt ends, you’d better take a closer look to their shape – it can be conical or spherical.

Speaking about deport, specialists stick to the following rule – the smaller it, the larger the shift. But it is better to follow the parameters indicated by a producer of a car, and not to experiment with tolerances. The point is that the increased deport will simply make it impossible to install rims (its internal part will be stopped by a brake caliper). The other end is extremely decreased size, which accelerates deterioration of hub bearing. Moreover, a wheel will rub against a wing.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - Best Auto Parts For Your Car: How To Choose Rims
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