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Top 5 College Fashion Hacks for Men

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Let’s face it, men have always found it difficult to keep up with fashion trends, and sometimes they end up being frustrated, when they aren’t able to come up with a workable outfit for the day in college!

Understanding your problem, we bring to you a few of the most easy-to-follow fashion hacks to get you going for your college, and impress your female mates by upgrading your fashion quotient.

It never hurts to opt for fashion hacks, to do make sure you follow the following top 5 college fashion hacks for men!

  1. Use gumdrops to avoid those collars from flopping: Do you experience your collars flopping up at annual college events, or during parties? The worry, now, comes to an end, as we have exactly the hack you need!
    Get some gum drops and paste them to the inner side of the collars to make them stick. You can also shape the collars for your worn-out shirts or collared t-shirts by sticking them on the inner side of your collars to shape them up. No more throwing your shirts away due to lazy collars as you can fix them right up!
  2. Get the corduroy blazer out from the hiding: We all have been at your place, where we buried our corduroy blazer into the chambers of our closet or some suitcase which is now all dirty and stored up in the attic. Hurry and get it back because they are in style yet again. Get all heads in your college turned in your direction as you walk into the class looking dashing with a corduroy blazer paired with chinos and loafers. Get rid of those old-school buttons and wear a light-coloured matching t-shirt underneath to amp up your style quotient.
  3. Roll up the sleeves: Rolling up the sleeves of your shirt gives way to the veins to shine, which is, apparently, attractive to the female community. Wear a light breezy shirt with sleeves rolled up till your elbow, showing off those veins emerging out of the skin and you are good to go! You can even apply this trick to half sleeved t-shirts. Roll them up about a centimetre, as those muscles of your biceps aren’t going to show off themselves. Don’t fret if that roll up doesn’t last long; use gum drops to stick it up.
  4. Get some colourful laces for your boring pair of shoes: Give some quirk to those boring pair of shoes by buying some extra laces. If you have basic, white or black coloured shoes, getting some colourful laces that match the color of your outfits can work wonders in improving your overall look. For example, if you are wearing a red t-shirt, you can very well match it with your shoes by replacing your regular laces with the same red coloured laces. This practice does not only match your t-shirt with your shoes, but also gives the final touch to your outfit.
  5. Layer your boring shirt with some trendy denims: Denims are in-style, whether it is for males or females. Learn the dashing art of layering your shirts, t-shirts, and sweatshirts, by wearing a layer of denim that would make your outfit beyond ordinary! Accessorize this look with a simple watch and boho bracelets, and you are good to go. You can also make your outfit look cool and breezy by rolling up the sleeves just twice (don’t roll them up till your elbows!). Become the centre of the spotlight by transforming some basic pieces of clothing into a handsome outfit. Now that denims are back in trend, do make sure you make the most out of them and become a sensation in college!

Make yourself look quirky and dashing by following the aforementioned top 5 college fashion hacks for men. Don’t forget to wear cologne and invest in premium time pieces as class never gets old. These hacks will not only help you during college but throughout your life.

Some of them are even applicable to formals, making you all set for formal meetings and dinner parties. Acquaint yourself to the world of fashion and impress everyone by having these go-to tips in your brain pocket.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Top 5 College Fashion Hacks for Men
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