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5 Things to Know About Manicure

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Manicures are fast becoming the number option when it comes to pampering yourself. And why not?! Nail care is not just soothing but also an essential part of grooming.

People will pay good money to spend an hour in a nail salon, surrounded by attendants while they relax to soothing music or an ongoing game of tennis.

But, there are certain things that you must be aware of. After all, it is always better to know the place and to know about the place that you are about to walk into.

So, in the following lines, I will tell you a few things that you must keep in mind if you decide to get a manicure.

  1. Cleanliness is always prioritized: It is always advisable to arrive sometime before your scheduled appointment so that you can check up on their cleaning and sanitary processes. There are a few chemicals that are used in the process and in the place. But don’t let it confuse you with the smell of acetone.

    If you reach the place and find the smell filling up the place, immediately request that proper hygienic measures be taken. The floors and the bathrooms have always been a good indicator of the hygiene of the salon.

    Also, pay close attention to the proper cleaning of the tools that they are going to use in the process. If you are unsure, insist that they clean it in your presence.

    Cosmetology Salon Manicure Manicurist

  2. Limit the amount of skin exposure: Cuticles are the skin at the bottom of your nails. They are an important part of the overall structure and if meddled with, they may cause pain in the nail bed. It is advisable to pass upon the cuticle trimming. Instead, you can choose to use oil and moisturizer to keep the area healthy and moist.

    Remember, you are the person in-charge. If you suspect any activity, you can outright refuse it. There are many options when it comes to skin care. Trimming of cuticles can be a cause of pain if not done right.

    In a majority of cases, there is no need for cuticle trimming. They are just included because of the overall package. But it is better to skip this stage than to have painful nails for a week.

  3. Paying the price: The service that you get at a salon may differ with the amount of money that you pay. That is to say that if you pay higher, the perks and the package that you receive will be far more superior. You might even get a free complimentary drink from the establishment.

    At some salons, the customer turnover rate is high. So, you may have to wait even if you made an appointment. This is because manicures can take anywhere from twenty minutes to two hours. It all depends on the kind of package that you choose.


  4. Detailed nail art: Remember where you are. You can get a detailed nail paint job done it you choose to. When it comes to nail paint, there are a lot of problems; the biggest of which is chipping.

    It all depends on the kind of nail paint that you choose to go with. Generally, a fast drying top coat is applied to ensure that the nail paint does not chip off.

    But if that is not to your liking, you can also go for gel or shellac. These are different than regular nail paints. They use UV for topping off and as a result, there is no chipping for three to four weeks.

    Beautician Salon Manicure Nails Drying

  5. Drying methods: Drying off your nail paint is a job for the patient woman. But then, you can choose to go for something that dries up in a matter of seconds. They are LED-based paints.

    As opposed to traditional paints, they dry in a matter of seconds. The catch is that they only work on LED-based nail paints. Another option is that of using UV rays. They will offer you a far larger number of options than LED-based paints.

For those of you, who are concerned about the exposure to UV rays, relax. You get far more UV exposure from the sun than from these machines.

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