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Inhale, Exhale, and Dive- Do’s and Don’ts of Scuba Diving

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is undoubtedly a thrilling activity that involves fun, adventure, and risk as well. There are certain points to be taken care of while scuba diving to make your dive without coercion:-


  1. Be Physically and Mentally Fit-
    Just make sure you are healthy both physically as well as mentally. Go for a proper health check-up before you go for a dive and affirm that you are not under any sort of stress. Just live in that moment. That feeling would be out of this world.
  2. Pick Your Dive Buddy-
    Solo diving can be ok but go with your buddy if you want to enjoy more, that too with lesser risk. Underwater, you can be trapped in net or ropes, swung away by a current, your equipment may fail to work due to any reason, or you may face any sort of emergency. So in such cases, your dive buddy would be of immense help.
  3. The Buddy Check-
    Once you are kitted up, do a thorough check of yourself and your buddy, and ask him to do the same. This pre-dive safety check is must to follow every time you dive, whether it’s your first dive or the 200th one.
  4. Communicate With Your Co-Diver-
    Not just underwater, communicate properly with the other diver before taking your dive as well. You both need to agree mutually on every essential thing including direction and duration. The argument under water is something not permissible at all.
  5. Maintain A Dive Journal-
    With the help of dive journal, you can keep a track of everything you’ve experienced from beginning to end like, details of your equipment, your buddy, the duration of your dive, etc. this way you can help others and yourself in future.
  6. Leave Someone On Surface-
    For proper fun and safe dive, go in a group. Apart from your dive buddy, you must have someone there on the water surface so that in case of emergency, that may help you out in the best possible way.

Scuba diving


  1. Don’t Ascend Quickly
    You take your own time and ascend slowly while enjoying your dive and marine life. Keep breathing continuously to efface carbon dioxide from your lungs. Due to some reactions, ascending too fast may cause fatal to your body by building nitrogen in your blood and tissues.
  2. Don’t Disturb The Marine Life-
    While diving, you shall not disturb the innocent flora and fauna under water. Don’t harm the plants and never touch any of the animals how small and harmless they seem to be. If you do so, they may not hesitate to attack you that may result to turn your fun into a disaster.
  3. Don’t Eat Too Much-
    Don’t fill up your stomach too much just before diving. You need to wait for at least 2-3 hours after eating before you dive for scuba. Also, don’t consume alcohol in any form just before scuba diving. ‘Drink and dive’ is as harmful as ‘drink and drive’ is.
  4. Don’t Let Others Be Uninformed-
    Before you leave for diving, at least inform someone about your trip, planning, place, persons with whom you are going, and the number of days after which you are expected to be back. It’s quite obvious that all this is necessary just in case of an emergency, people can reach out to you.
  5. Don’t Go Too Far-
    It is advisable not to go too far especially in your first few dives. You are advised not to dive out of your comfort zone later as well. Cover only that much distance which you are confident about or else, you may impose yourself in some difficulty which can be dangerous to your life.
  6. Never Dive with A Broken Equipment-
    You rely totally on your diving equipment in scuba diving. Hence, to assure your life, you need to be assured that your equipment works well. If it is not proper, then ask your trainer for another set.

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