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We all crave to have something delightful. It is not greed, it is living life to the best; and when it comes to food, we just jump into the throng.  Today’s health conscious diet mentality has given rise to green practices, fresh environment and appealing ambience, many of us are designing all-terrain kitchen fronts. Creating an environment to boost our preparation methods and more importantly, lower our stress. Of late we have been moving towards Indian-ization of the foreign palate or regional-ification of the Indian delicacies. For everything we do the environment affects our ability to live and perform. Likewise the food preparation exercise positively affects the willingness, consumption to a complete culinary experience as a whole.

You would want to cook and document your own food stories. India has always been a country known for its mystical cuisines and encouraged the storytelling. Whether it is food ballads with their inaccessible culinary secrets, such things have created interest among the food lovers, chefs, and critics at the same time in recent years. The vibrancy of ingredients have enabled the gigantic combination across states, communities of India, with many unexplored till date. But trials are always on for their use in some form in your cooking. Exploration through proper documentation will only lead to awareness and future usage concern.

It has been long that we have been agreeing to the fact that cooking is science and art at the same time.  The science process starts with ingredients and cooking methods to blend into amazing flavors to come up with an appealing edible portion of passion. While, cooking is also an art signifying a acceptable combination of taste, aroma and colors through our senses. Let’s list all the words that would describe cooking a little deeper in addition to Science and Art. Start and understand that these can be very personal too like Necessity (for all), Stress buster, Medicine, Technology, Inspiration, Presentation, Infusion, Variety, Satiety and so on. There have been chefs who believe that we eat with our eyes first, being the most important gustatory organ. So maximize the benefit of savoring food and drink.

There have been barriers to climate change through cooking styles and procedures followed. Smoke inhalation, burning solid fuels releases emissions of some of the most important contributors to global climate change: carbon dioxide, methane and other ozone producing gases such as carbon monoxide, as well as short-lived but very efficient sunlight-absorbing particles like black carbon and brown carbon.

Climate and cooking/ eating habits are directly related to each other. Clean cooking can help address climate change by using more efficient cook stoves that can reduce fuel use by 30-60%, resulting in fewer greenhouse gas emissions and reduced impacts on forests, habitats, and biodiversity. In short, cooking as a game changer, can actually give a broader perspective over and above the massive list of ingredients and nutritional concern.

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Some famous quotes say – Variety is the spice of life and change is the only thing that is constant. Here are some simple do-able suggestions that we can be considered:-

  • Try by changing the state of texture, cut etc. of the ingredients being used (eg: slices to chop or cubes to diamonds etc)
  • Change the cooking medium (try no oil, non-stick cookware, little oil is permissible)
  • Change the cooking fuel (Gas is fine, induction, solar)
  • Change the cooking utensil (SS, Conduction material)
  • Ingredients, go local (respect each ingredient)
  • Don’t invariably dig on calories, eat balanced (portion size matters)
  • Shuffle the order of the steps (respect each step)
  • Try the recipes, mom’s way (cooking whatever possible to their best use)
  • Experiments are always successful made by amateurs or freshers (be passionate more than hungry)
  • Use of leftovers is a craze for home food only and not outside food (you earned it)

Dishing out culinary masterpieces, is not all about passion and expertise but often what we want to cook, and feel like eating, is something simple. There have been times at the 11th hour we just put whatever came our way and still cherish the best meal till date. We have got used to the extravagant array of dishes available to be savored, but going down with limited ingredients and simple cooking methods will make it healthier and definitely enhance the home-made concept. It requires a sense of basics and combination of skill, knowledge and confidence. We should indulge to cook simple and local concentrate on right eating quantity and time and stay fit to discharge our duties for a longer life span healthily.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Advisory - Cooking Climatology
Dr. Salla Vijay Kumar
Dr. Salla Vijay Kumar, is senior lecturer at Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) Ahmedabad, widely considered to be one of the India's best hospitality and hotel management schools. He holds a Ph.D. in Management from Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya (KSV), an M.Phil from Madurai Kamaraj University (MKU), and a B.Sc. (H & H.A.) degree from IGNOU from Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) Ahmedabad. He has 5 years of International & National industrial exposure at Holiday Inn, Ahmedabad, Baisan International, Bahrain, and Sarovar Group, Ahmedabad, and teaching at Baisan Institute of Hotel Management, Bahrain; he is serving IHM Ahmedabad since 2002.

Dr. Salla Vijay Kumar is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with him through LinkedIn.