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These Are The 5 Best Train Journeys Of The World, 2019

TranzAlpine Train (Christchurch) New Zealand

Travel by flight may turn out to be a status quotient but I must say, fun and excitement in train journeys is incomparable. Everyone has some or the other memories of train journeys. Such journeys leave a lasting impression when the route is scenic. Aslo read the best scenic rail journeys in Europe for 2019.

There are various ravishing train journeys in the world, the best 5 are enumerated below:

  1. TranzAlpine Train (Christchurch) New Zealand: This New Zealand’s finest inland rail journey is simply breathtaking that lets you experience the South Island’s glorious natural picturesque landscape right away from Christchurch to Greymouth. This is one of the world’s amazing train journeys, covering approx. 220 km in just 5 hours. You can book tickets online for this daily passenger train but you must make seating request beforehand if you want some prioritized seat. So if you are a keen photographer, then you shall ask for the seats close to the viewing platform. The train passes through the unruffled farms, fields of sheep, cattle, and red deer, thrilling foothills, the astonishing Waimakiriri River, innumerable bridges and tunnels, grassy plateaus, and the most stunning Arthurs Pass (a highly photogenic place). You can also encounter New Zealand’s longest tunnel, the Otira Tunnel, in this route. The thrill doesn’t stop here. It also lets you witness deep valleys and striking waterfalls.

    TranzAlpine Train (Christchurch) New Zealand
  2. Glacier Express, Switzerland: It is probably the slowest express train in the world, connecting railway stations of Zermatt and St. Moritz, that takes around 8 hours to reach the destination. This scenic train journey carries you through the breathtaking bridges and numerous tunnels with a stunning landscape throughout, covering some places like the glorious Landwasser viaduct which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Rhine Gorge, which is Grand Canyon of Switzerland, the majestic Oberalp Pass which is the peak of this small journey, with the initial point and destination being the majestic cities of St. Moritz and Zermatt respectively. This train journey is splendid not just outdoors but indoors as well with the Glacier Express Excellence Class. You can just relax on a comfortable lounge chair and admire the panoramic views outside.

    Glacier Express Zermatt, Switzerland
  3. West Highland Railway (Glasgow), United Kingdom: This needs to be considered as one of the best train rides globally for all good reasons. This train runs from Glasgow to Mallaig, a tiny fishing port, via Fort William, the largest town in the West Highlands of Scotland. Destination point, as well as the entire ride, is pretty astonishing. This lets you travel through the Glaswegian suburbs, the shores of the lake Loch Lomond, and the well-renowned ‘horseshoe curve’. Then comes the windswept part of the railway line at the Rannoch Moor. Its actual beauty is exposed in winters when you can witness the snowy white sheet spread all over. Ahead in the journey, you’ll be able to visit those picturesque locations which are even shot in certain movies. It has the pretty Monessie Gorge, magnificent town Fort William, old Inverlochy Castle, Loch Eil and Sheil and many more.

    West Highland Railway (Glasgow), United Kingdom
  4. Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia: This one accounts for one of the world’s longest and busiest railway line connecting Moscow and Vladivostok. The train passes through the vast Ural Mountains and dense Siberian forest. The glorious 3227-foot long bridge which is built on the river Ob (at Novosibirsk) and magnificent Lake Baikal (pretty famous as the world’s largest freshwater lake) accompanies you on the way. The classic Red Square of Moscow, Ulan Ude (for its centuries-old traditions), the Great Wall of China, and the striking nature’s beauty are worth looking out for.

    Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia
  5. The Ghan (Adelaide), South Australia, Australia: It is a luxury Australian passenger train running through the heart of the continent from Darwin to Adelaide covering a distance of around 2000 miles. This carries you through the exuberant and tropical coast of the Northern territory passing through the rugged MacDonnell Ranges, and plains. It is ultimate in terms of style and comfort, providing single cabin, twin cabins, different levels of services (gold and platinum) depending upon the facilities travelers want.

    The Ghan (Adelaide), South Australia, Australia

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