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Fashion Tips For CEOs In Their 60s

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Age is a difficult factor when it comes to dressing up the best – especially if you are in a sociable profession like business and entrepreneurship. One tends to become over conscious in choosing the right outfit for an occasion such as board meeting, conference talk or a keynote address. But the good news is that- a lot of attractive trends have come to the market which defies age and also make sure that they suit the changing body physiology and ooze out elegance.

For all those aging CEOs who are worried about the wardrobe options, here are some of the fashion tips for CEOs in their glorious 60s:

Choose Tailored Clothes: It might take a while to get the ideal tailored fit for your body type but the wise decision is to choose tailored fits. Choose a tailor with whom you can communicate your preferences and also get to know what ticks for the fashion trends in the 60s. Whether it is a formal suit or a cocktail dress- choose it to be stitched instead of opting for readymade clothing.

Avoid Flashiness: You would be loving to show the frivolous side of you by choosing bright colors in clothing but the 60s is the age where elegance rules most. Choose earthly colors or pastel colors as the base but occasionally you can try out a complementing accessory like a floral scarf or the necklace which might accentuate the sober costume look.

Be Material Smart: 60s is the time to not just dress elegantly but also with a great sense of materials as well. Select clothing appropriate with the weather conditions you are living in. Say if you live in a country where winter rules the roost, choose wool, tweed or thicker fabric. However, in tropical countries, one can go experimental with cotton, linen and lighter materials.

Select the Right Pair of Shoes: Comfort becomes the top priority when it comes to dressing in the 60s. As health catches by with age, you need to make sure that the footwear you use should keep you comfortable all day long. The perfect balance between elegance and comfort is loafers or moccasins for men and belly flats for women. Choose such footwear which is made with comfortable material which offers solace to your tired soles.

Neutrals Go Long Way: Select colors like black, white, blue and skin which blends with almost every color effortlessly and normalizes it. These colors are timeless and beyond contemporary fashion rules. Moreover, they add the formal touch to an outfit and keep you boardroom meeting ready anytime in the day!

Flaunt Your Age, Don’t Hide It: The common mistake which ageing people do is to make attempts to look young and feel more conscious about it. They try to color their hair something too gross or unmatchable- in the effort to look young. Such attempts usually clash with your existing body type and make you look messier. The best attitude is to flaunt your age and present what you are made of!

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Alexandra Dimitropoulou

Alexandra Dimitropoulou

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