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Best Photography Apps To Use On Your iPhone – Updated

Mykonos, Greece

Though the camera of the iPhone is top-drawer, as Ty Warner asserted, “Even perfection has room for improvement”. Thanks to a number of photography apps available on the App store, you can make your awesome pictures even better.

However, with so many apps to select from, you find yourself in a paradox of choice. To help you out of this dilemma, here is our list of 5 photography apps:

  1. Snapseed.
    Originally an iPad app created by Nik software (now owned by Google), Snapseed is a highly popular photo editing app with a wide range of tools.
    You can rest assured as Snapseed has been tried and tested by professional as well as non-professional photographers. Even rookie photographers can easily use this photo editing app, thanks to easy-to-use presets and editing tools. It can also edit RAW images, i.e. images that have not been processed by the camera, thus giving you more command over the feel of your photos.
    Moreover, though it is free of cost, it is also free of advertisements! Without a doubt, Snapseed is the best free photo editing app available as of now.
    Cost: Free

    Acropolis, Athens, Greece

  2. VSCO.
    VSCO comes with an extremely minimalistic and beautiful interface.
    While shooting, it lets you separately choose focus and exposure points with two fingers, thus making on-screen targets quite convenient. Just like in a DSLR, you can lock the white balance. You can also adjust the flash or add a low light boost.
    Along with photo-editing basics like contrast, exposure, and saturation, VSCO also has numerous free and purchasable preset filters. With the help of a slider, the strength of these filters can be adjusted.
    Also, VSCO is a great option if you are looking to apply film-like filters.
    Cost: Free (with a subscription fee for additional filters and tools)
  3. Halide.
    Another photography app with a minimalistic interface, Halide also supports the RAW file format. As expected from a third-party camera app, it allows you to control white balance, ISO, shutter speed, and focus.
    For supported iPhones (7 Plus, 8 Plus, X and newer), Halide offers a depth mode. In the depth mode, the user is shown areas of the image that are in focus. Changing focus and exposure is a quick and smooth affair.
    Note: You’ll need an iPhone 7 Plus or newer model to be able to use this app.
    Cost: $5.99

    Oia, Santorini, Greece

  4. Enlight.
    Enlight offers creative possibilities like that on Photoshop. You can make the most of quality features like drawing, text overlays, and local brush-based effects
    Though it does not have the most minimalistic interface, it has undo and redo buttons to take you back and forth from any stage of your editing process.
    For example, you can make 3D changes to tilt or rotate your images on three axes. You can refit the rest of the image with respect to an object in the image. These and more such features are quite astonishing.
    Enlight has adequate retouching tools that deliver wonderful results. These make it the best app for artistic editing.
    Note: Requires iOS 8.1 or later
    Cost: $3.99
  5. Adobe Lightroom CC.
    Adobe Lightroom CC offers RAW capture. It has a professional mode, which gives the user more control over exposure compensation, ISO, white balance, and manual focus, among others.
    A very impressive feature of this app is the Auto-fix. Using machine learning, fixes are applied to the image, based on the components of the image. A great option for novice photo editors to quickly edit images.
    Unlike many photo editors that apply adjustments to the whole picture, Adobe Lightroom CC allows you to make edits to selective sections of the image.
    Cost: Free (with a subscription fee for premium features)

Other apps worthy of a mention are Mextures ($1.99), ProCamera ($7.99), TouchRetouch ($1.99) and, Camera +2 ($2.99).

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