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Millennials are willing to Work Hard, You Simply Need to Know How to Empower Them

Millennials Brainstorming

Millennials are in fact renowned to be the blunt, intricate and occasionally contentious generation of all times. Folks born in the last 20 years of the twentieth century are rapidly getting over the overall world’s workload. Due to which it imperative for the bosses to think of how to sustain millennial employees in their workspace.

Research of Cooperate Leadership council experimented on 50,000 employees revealed that the dedicated staffs accomplish 20 percent better results than the normal employees. An employee who is fully dedicated and indulged work out of their boxes surpassing the limitation of their normal working timings. They usually help their work partners and offer their services without expecting a high personal reward. They always have a passion to accomplish more and work effectively.

Unfortunately, only 29% of all millennials are indulged in companies where their dedication makes up a healthy work environment. We would suggest you to keep reading it if you want to gain the skills to handle and indulge the millennials in your company. Millennial has a unique mindset about their job.

Some of the face the difficulty in finding a gratifying work in the business line. Surprisingly, about 93 percent of them have an interest in searching for other jobs. It is getting difficult for bosses to sustain the millennial employee and with keeping it in mind that by 2025 about three fourth of the companies will be built by this very demographics, tapping into what empowers them will be key in keeping the best.

Flexible work options for millennial employees

One of the key ways to engage your millennial employees is through flexible work options. Millennials consider work-life balance to be incredibly important, so allowing them to have power with blending work and personal time allows for more fulfillment. In a study by Earnest, the researchers discovered that 41% of employees would trade 1/10 of their salary for more flexibility in their schedules, among these including having the ability to work remotely.

For example, bonuses in the form of flexible work hours and paid time off are more effective than raises and cash bonuses. Millennial employees seek the freedom to create schedules that can flow with their lives, which includes when and where they want to work.

Millennial employees who don’t feel they have enough adaptability will at the end progress toward becoming withdrawn. At the point when this occurs, they will look for work opportunities somewhere else. An extraordinary method to make representatives feel they have opportunity and adaptability in the working environment is to talk with every worker secretly and check whether s/he would perform better if they were given progressively adaptable work choices.

With more than 100 million millennial, they will make up most of the work environment for a considerable time– and over 87% of recent college grads don’t confide in their supervisor. In the event that you are enlisting millennial representatives with the promise of flexible work options, it is crucial that you follow through with it.

Offer opportunities for career advancement

When it comes to being rewarded for their work, millennials have different expectations and demands compared to generations before them. Millennials seek constructive criticism and critical feedback in order to seek higher positions within the workplace. To make your millennial employees feel like they are appreciated, you have to be authentic, open and honest with them. You can do this by putting employees who have proven themselves into new leadership roles, whether it’s a promotion to a higher position or putting them in charge of a specific project or sub-department. Authenticity is important to millennials, especially when it comes to feedback. Be transparent with your feedback, and encourage your millennial employees to think outside of the box.

Empower your millennial employees to be involved in company culture by allowing them to be active in helping with decisions and have a voice in the company. When you foster a culture of responsibility with your millennial employees, it encourages them to be confident about their ideas and bring them to the table. This allows them to feel more involved in the company and that they are directly impacting its success – because they are. In turn, this inspires them to work harder and succeed in their role.

Show they have a purpose: encourage team building

Millennials, in general, love to collaborate with their colleagues. They want to build lasting relationships and connect with their co-workers on both a personal and professional level. To do so, companies should keep morale high and have an enthusiastic work environment in various aspects. Creating workplace relationships through team building exercises and fun social events will facilitate better communication and a higher level of employee engagement. One way to implement this is through the use of social media, which you can use to connect on a more personal level since they will be getting a glimpse into each other’s lives.

To create a friendlier environment in an office, it is important to carry out team building exercises. Team building exercises can range from either a simple task such as getting lunch together or simply going to a shared space, where employees can sit back and relax or either work together with one another, helping each other along the way. By working in the form of a team, employees can create a more fun and friendly atmosphere in the office. By getting to know one another, and creating an air of trust and honesty with one another, employees can build better office relationships. By changing the atmosphere in an office, employee happiness, team collaboration, and ethics are said to automatically increase.

Embracing the millennial workforce may feel clumsy or awkward, specific to GenXers. Why? The individuals who grew up with the unforgiving exercises that have been passed down age to age are hoping to raise the next gen a similar way. Not all recent college grads are actually the equivalent, but rather all can possibly affect your philanthropic association to improve things. Investing energy to completely see every age of Millennials could mean increasing long lasting supporters and backers of your brand. Regardless of the age of a Millennial, all are able and willing to convey positive change to the world.

Written by Henry Landau, CEO at First Health Pro.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - Millennials are willing to Work Hard, You Simply Need to Know How to Empower Them
Henry Landau
Henry Landau is CEO/Executive Recruiter at First Health Pro. He is an accomplished senior executive with demonstrated experience in the healthcare, hospital, pharmaceutical, recruiting, and human resources industries. Leveraging extensive experience with placements and talent acquisition, Henry is a valuable asset for companies seeking guidance on recruiting the best talent in healthcare. The areas of expertise include team building, healthcare professional staffing, human resources, contract negotiation, communication, talent scouting, strategic planning, publishing/blogs, healthcare consulting, entrepreneurship, and coaching. Henry is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine.