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6 Things You Might Not Know About Cosplay

Cosplay Dress

The word ‘cosplay’ has been doing rounds for quite some time now. It is basically a portmanteau of the two words, namely costume and play and involves wearing costumes to represent a certain fictional character. With time, people have become increasingly interested in cosplays, and there are many events which happen across the globe which promote the cosplay culture.

This being said, cosplay is much more than what it seems like. It has a unique history, purpose, characteristics, and fanbase which give it the kind of vibrancy it already has. The fact that cosplayers have created a subculture of their own invites attention from all of us.

In this post, you will come across 6 things about cosplay which you might not know but should know. So, here we go with some interesting facts about one of the most popular activities in the world.

  1. It Started From Japan
    Cosplay, or kosupure, comes from the land of manga and anime, Japan. The word was first used in the year 1984 and was the outcome of the increasing popularity of comic book conventions in and around Japan. It was Nobuyuki Takahashi from Studio Hard who coined this term after having participated in the World Science Fiction Convention, Los Angeles, in the same year.

    Many still identify cosplay with those wearing costumes inspired by manga or anime; however, its popularity is nearly global and does not limit itself to the products of Japanese comic art and animation.

  2. Know Conventions
    Presently, there are all sorts of conventions catering to the varied interests of individuals. If you ever think of cosplaying, then you might want to select the right convention to participate.
    Conventions can relate to pop culture, gaming, anime, comics, and science fiction. Many times, there are conventions with specific themes such as Disney or Star Wars. Some of the most notable conventions in the world include Anime Expo (Los Angeles), Comic-Con (many locations), Gamescon (Germany), and Sakura-Con (Seattle).
    Choose the right convention, participate in the various cosplay competitions, and enjoy yourself.
  3. Costume-Making
    Mind you, cosplay events are not one of your typical costume parties. People take it quite seriously and even spend a lot of money into the making of costumes. Conventions, which we just talked about, organize a lot of cosplay contests, which have huge prize money at stake—and those participating in these contests want to grab them without leaving any stone unturned.
    It is to be understood that contest prize money is not the only reason why cosplayers do what they do. Many cosplayers just love the very activity of cosplaying so you would notice them go to amazing levels with their costumes just because they are passionate about cosplaying.
  4. Cosplay Creates A Sub-Culture
    Those who are involved in cosplays are part of a prominent sub-culture which is marked by many attributes: passionate costume-making, discussions on the costumes, engagement with co-cosplayers from time to time, and everything else along similar lines.
    The only requirement for being a  part of this sub-culture is to be passionate about cosplays. If you are not too inclined towards cosplaying but have passion for cosplay-related activities such as engagement in discussion forum etc, you are not disqualified.
  5. Cosplayers are Not Weirdos
    You would often come across people calling cosplayers as weirdos. Many do not see the point of detailed and otherwise without any other practical utility costumes. However, fandom is like religion; once you are part of it, it is very difficult to get out of it.
    Cosplayers are people too, very much like you and me. They have different interests, but that does not mean they should be treated differently. It is necessary that you do not label them as ‘weirdos’ or ‘creeps’ and respect them for what they do—because, my dear buddy, cosplaying is not a piece of cake.
  6. Have Fun
    While many take cosplay too seriously, it is not mandatory to be serious about cosplay to enjoy it.

Just enjoy doing cosplay. You can be whoever you want, with or without a high-quality costume. Of course, professional cosplayers are on another level, but this should not stop you from participating. Be a part of one of the most fun-filled sub-cultures of all time, and you will know why it is such a craze!

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