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5 Ways In Which CEOs Can Attract And Retain Customers On Social Media


Imagine this. You are browsing social media and you come across an article which you think can be useful to your friends. You will instantly share it. Right? However, if you are the CEO of a company and you came across something interesting, instead of sharing it with other people you’ll think ten times before sharing it on social media.

If you are afraid to share something with your audience on social media, you’re not alone.

Social media had become one of the most powerful technologies in the history of humankind. Individuals, companies, opinion builders, and celebrities are using social media to establish trust among customer regarding a particular brand.

When everyone is making a connection, what do you think your CEO should be doing? Just simple. Play along with the people.

It is a well-informed world out there. Customers rely on reviews from other customers. In fact, in a survey, it was revealed that more than 51% of the customers unfollow the brand if the brand is posting irrelevant stuff most of the time.

The consumer of today digs deep into the details of the company. What is the mission company following? What are the people saying about the brand in social media? This is where CEO steps-in. When the potential customers witness the CEO answering some queries and engaging with customers on social media, it builds trust among the customers.

Here are some guidelines for a CEO on how to engage with people on social media.

  1. Start by Eavesdropping people
    No. Not like breaking their privacy. I mean use online tools to keep an eye on your brand name. For instance, I use Google Alerts to know what people are saying about my blog every single day. Moreover, if what I am reading is not pleasing me, I change the approach in my next blog. You can do the same. Seek what people are saying about your brand. Are they happy, sad, or thrilled? Whatever the emotion, ensure that you make them feel that someone is listening to their pain. As CEO, it is your responsibility to represent your brand. Good or bad, it is up to you to improve the reputation of your brand.
    Social media is the place where people share their genuine reviews. If you are using Google News, you might already know what people are saying about your brand. Listen to them. It is the angry customers who teach us the most about the shortcomings of our brand.
    Big brands like Coca Cola and Pepsi have war rooms which keep a close watch on angry customers. Whenever anything comes up in their radar, they act moreover, if the CEO does the same for its customers, how great would that be.
  2. Build a strong Brand Persona
    It is natural to separate noise from clutter. Your personal and business accounts can operate separately, but that will create a wall between you and your customers. In social media, it is necessary to showcase the transparent personality of your brand.
    For instance, a slick web design agency New York will display all its testimonials right where customers can see them. When the CEO engage with customers in real-time, it allows customers to interact with the boss and share their true feelings. When Zappos.com was developed – the founder Tony Hsieh operated its twitter handle for almost two years. That was how people who did business with Zappos know that the CEO follows and promotes its values genuinely on social media.
  3. Consolidate all accounts in one
    There are many social media platforms out there. Also, it is getting difficult to manage all the platforms at once. You can use tools like HubSpot or Buffer to get all your social media updates under one umbrella.
    To gain maximum benefit out of every platform, it is necessary that you use a tool that can schedule, maintain, and post on social media platforms without posting separately on each platform.
    The online tools also provide you this opportunity to analyze every update and understand which posts are working for the brand. You can then devise your posts and gain maximum advantage over your posting.
  4. Keep a check on your followers
    As a CEO, it is your responsibility to figure out the problems of your customers. It is essential to know the buyer’s intent, so you can use that knowledge to attract more customers.
    What is that one thing that is engaging your customers? Determine the purpose of why the potential customer is buying or ignoring your product. An excellent place to start is with people who are already doing business with you. These people are a great way to see what makes your content, or product engaging enough that they are buying from you.
  5. Be thoughtful on Social Media
    Just like humans, every social media platform has its DNA. You cannot assume that posting the same content on every social media platform will give you the same result.
    You have a business to run. Moreover, to gain the trust of people, you must engage with the users where they are seeking for such content. For instance, posting pictures on Instagram is fine, but posting those same photos on Twitter might not give the same impact. Figure out the most appropriate form of information and post that for your users on that platform.

Mostly, companies use a social media manager who manages the profile for a CEO. However, if you are starting, it is wise to handle the social media profiles yourself. CEO interacting will create a significant impact on potential customers and help them gain trust in your brand. Because when people see CEO engaging with customers, it gives the impression that the company owner is serious about his brand.

The above tips might come in handy when you don’t know where to start on social media. Give your creativity a shake and start posting some good stuff on social media.

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