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World’s Best Travel Destinations for International Students, 2019

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With reduced airfares and education abroad, many students are opting to study outside their native countries. This brings an opportunity for the students to interact with people from different nationalities and get culturally aware of many nations. Another biggest perk in studying abroad is to have an ample number of traveling options during the semester breaks.

As international students, traveling might be a difficult phenomenon is because of a limited budget. However, a lot of travel destinations are offering good deals for international students to travel in an economical way. As a college student, it’s all about visa fees, airline ticket deals, and last-minute discounts. That’s not to say it can’t be fun, enjoyable, cultured, or exotic, however. With all of this background in mind, here are some of the best travel destinations for international students.

Spain has been recognized as the best travel destination in the world for international students, according to the International Benchmark Survey For Travel Satisfaction by the CEOWORLD magazine, while Singapore and the United Kingdom placed second and third, respectively.

The data come from an annual survey of 85,000 travelers and 7,000 travel agents in 74 countries conducted by the CEOWORLD magazine. The survey was conducted over three months from January 20, 2019 to April 19, 2019. So, without further ado, here is the official list of best travel destination in the world for the international student, 2019.

World’s Best Travel Destinations for International Students, 2019

  1. Spain: The department of Spain Tourism has been offering some amazing deals for the budget-friendly travelers such as international students. Compared to other colder countries in Europe, Spain is on the brighter side with a sunny climate, delicious food, and great sporting activities to indulge in. For the culturally inspired students, Barcelona has the biggest cathedral Sagrada Familia and Casa Mila for the art lovers. Also, visit Costa Brava for scuba diving and attractive sports activities at an economical price. The official language is Spanish, but English is widely spoken, especially among the staff at hotels and tour companies.Prado National Museum, Madrid, Spain
  2. Singapore: For all the international students who want to get the taste of the Far East in an urban palette, Singapore offers the best. Little India is one of the must-visit places in Singapore for exotic Indian food and great shopping deals. With a pleasant climate and great infrastructure, Singapore offers economical travel options for the students. The city is also well-connected in terms of road and air. For adventure lovers, one can even opt for cruise travel at a lesser price.Singapore
  3. United Kingdom: It might look like an expensive affair to travel to England but for international students, this country offers cultural heritage and beautiful places to visit. Another biggest advantage is, everyone speaks the native language English here and the international student traveler needn’t feel very uncomfortable to travel alone. United Kingdom’s capital London is so well organized that a lonesome traveler can go around on their own.London, United Kingdom
  4. Amsterdam, Netherlands: With global travelers all around the place, Amsterdam is an international student’s paradise. With affordable street food to exciting activities to do, the vibrant place gives an amazing experience for the student to travel in budget. Try out the local cuisine such as weed-burger which comes at a budget-friendly price. Rent a bike and travel around, which definitely costs much less than the normal mode of transport.Amsterdam, Netherlands
  5. Greece: Greece is probably one of the most famous destinations in the world. For those on a budget, it’s certainly not one of the most expensive cities in Europe. If you want a solid general guide to what you can do in Greece, take a look here. Visit historical museums, explore white sand beaches and enjoy unparalleled food and wine. Luxury hotels can be expensive, but mid-range hotels can be had for as little as $70-100 a night.Acropolis, Athens, Greece
  6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates: For the exotic Middle-Eastern experience with a dash of contemporary lifestyle, Dubai is the ideal destination. Students who love shopping at budget rates can have a gala time in Dubai. Also, the airfares to Dubai is quite on the lesser cost. The attractive nightlife here is also quite impressive for the young students to have a fun time.Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  7. Seoul, South Korea: This Korean capital has been picking up with great food, urbane deals and great streets to visit. The chilling climate here is also an additional perk. Enjoy the magnificent malls for shopping, friendly crowd and attractive range of cosmetics which became a part of the minimalistic revolution.Seoul, South Korea

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