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The 20 Best U.S. Cities To Take A Staycation, 2019

If you live in Honolulu, Orlando, Chicago, or San Diego, you’re in luck! They are the top four best U.S. cities for a “staycation,” — a.k.a., enjoying your time and visiting sights in your own city.

Honolulu earned its top spot on the list with the most tennis courts, spas, and wellness centers per Capita, followed by Orlando and Chicago. The other cities making the top ten were 4. San Diego 5. Portland 6. Charleston 7. Seattle 8. Fort Lauderdale 9. Tampa and 10. San Francisco.

The financial website, Wallethub, compared 180 U.S. cities based on 43 criteria, ranging from restaurant-meal and beauty-salon costs to spas and wellness centers, to find those offering a fun-filled yet wallet-friendly staycation.

Here are the top 20 best U.S. cities to take a staycation, 2019:

1. Honolulu, HI
Total score: 64.63
Recreation rank: 1
Food & entertainment rank: 9
Rest & relaxation rank: 4

2. Orlando, FL
Total score: 59.21
Recreation rank: 21
Food & entertainment rank: 1
Rest & relaxation rank: 48

3. Chicago, IL
Total score: 58.26
Recreation rank: 3
Food & entertainment rank: 11
Rest & relaxation rank: 26

4. San Diego, CA
Total score: 57.51
Recreation rank: 10
Food & entertainment rank: 13
Rest & relaxation rank: 8

5. Portland, OR
Total score: 56.57
Recreation rank: 6
Food & entertainment rank: 3
Rest & relaxation rank: 57

6. Charleston, SC
Total score: 56.36
Recreation rank: 7
Food & entertainment rank: 20
Rest & relaxation rank: 9

7. Seattle, WA
Total score: 56.27
Recreation rank: 9
Food & entertainment rank: 4
Rest & relaxation rank: 32

8. Fort Lauderdale, FL
Total score: 55.22
Recreation rank: 2
Food & entertainment rank: 81
Rest & relaxation rank: 2

9. Tampa, FL
Total score: 55.10
Recreation rank: 25
Food & entertainment rank: 7
Rest & relaxation rank: 5

San Francisco, United States

10. San Francisco, CA
Total score: 55.04
Recreation rank: 5
Food & entertainment rank: 6
Rest & relaxation rank: 81

11. Virginia Beach, VA
Total score: 53.89
Recreation rank: 28
Food & entertainment rank: 62
Rest & relaxation rank: 1

Las Vegas, United States

12. Las Vegas, NV
Total score: 52.33
Recreation rank: 46
Food & entertainment rank: 2
Rest & relaxation rank: 58

13. Atlanta, GA
Total score: 51.75
Recreation rank: 27
Food & entertainment rank: 15
Rest & relaxation rank: 18

14. Portland, ME
Total score: 50.98
Recreation rank: 4
Food & entertainment rank: 38
Rest & relaxation rank: 47

15. Austin, TX
Total score: 50.93
Recreation rank: 22
Food & entertainment rank: 5
Rest & relaxation rank: 83

Statue of liberty New York, United-States

16. New York, NY
Total score: 50.23
Recreation rank: 11
Food & entertainment rank: 23
Rest & relaxation rank: 105

17. Salt Lake City, UT
Total score: 50.10
Recreation rank: 19
Food & entertainment rank: 17
Rest & relaxation rank: 72

18. Minneapolis, MN
Total score: 49.91
Recreation rank: 20
Food & entertainment rank: 30
Rest & relaxation rank: 25

19. Miami, FL
Total score: 48.60
Recreation rank: 31
Food & entertainment rank: 8
Rest & relaxation rank: 93

20. Denver, CO
Total score: 47.56
Recreation rank: 18
Food & entertainment rank: 28
Rest & relaxation rank: 91

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