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Awesome Ways To Decorate Your Macbook


MacBooks, like most Apple products, are top-drawer in terms of quality. Just like buying anything amazeballs, buying a MacBook comes at a high cost.

Knowing the reputation of a MacBook, you will be owning it for much of the foreseeable future. You’d obviously want to keep your companion at its best – not just in terms of function but looks too. Adding that bit of personalization also sets it apart from the hordes of MacBooks flashing the customary metallic body.

Following are 5 ways you can decorate your MacBook and make it memorably colorful.

Applying a skin:

A skin is basically a big sticker you apply on your laptop or its cover. They cover the entire back of the MacBook.

You need to follow some of these tips before applying a skin:

  •    First and foremost, turn off your laptop.
  •    Follow this with cleaning the surface on which you wish to apply the skin. For the skin to apply evenly, the concerned surface has to be clean. Use water instead of surface cleaners.
  •    Make sure the towel used for cleaning up the surface is damp, but not soaking.
  •    Now wash your hands to ensure the surface remains clean after wiping it down.
  •    Then wipe down using a dry towel. Only after the surface is completely dry should you start applying the skin.
  •    Apply the skin steadily so that the skin is applied evenly on the surface and no air bubbles are created.

Stickers meant to be stuck on a laptop or its cover are usually made from vinyl.

Applying decals:

Unlike skins, applying decals is an easier affair. You do not have to worry about air bubbles being created, as the

The one big difference between applying decals and skins is that you could accommodate multiple themes using a decal. That means you could have tens of decals on your MacBook.

That means you could have decals of both Captain America and Ironman without the possibility of starting a Civil War-themed debate. You could even put in a Harry Potter decal to show your affection for the Hogwarts graduate.

As far as the application is concerned, you can apply a decal just like you would apply a skin.


Keyboard with Washi tape:

Washi tape is decorative masking tape. You can find Washi tapes in a variety of patterns and textures in craft stores.

You just have to cut out strips of this tape the size of individual keys and stick them on the keyboard. Depending on the transparency of the tape, you may have to write the respective letters on the tape.

Spray painting the laptop cover:

This option is popular among the painting aficionado section of MacBook owners.

You should follow some of these tips before painting your Macbook cover:

  •    Cover areas which you do not wish to paint with masking tape.
  •    Lay down some newspapers (or any paper for that matter) on a hard surface.
  •    Since you will be spray painting, make sure the room/area you are painting in is well ventilated.
  •    You should also consider using a mask to prevent any harmful effects of inhaling paint.
  •    As spray paint is flammable, this activity is best done in the absence of open flames or intense heat.
  •    Lightly sand so that the surface holds the paint better.
  •    Apply two to three even coats of paint to ensure proper coverage.

Making designs on the laptop cover:

Alternatively, you can use other materials like paper, cloth, sequins, paint, rhinestones, ribbons or anything else you can think of. Get creative and feel free to use as many permutations and combinations as you feel.  The sky is the limit.

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