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6 Tips That Help In Making a Travelogue

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In this 21st century, we have become excessively enamored with technology. For many of us, if anything is not doable through an App, it is not doable at all. Presently, technology has simplified our travel in many ways—but there is one travel-related activity I believe should be preferred the conventional way.

That activity is writing a travelogue. Believe me, when you go for a conventional way of travelogue-writing, you will realize that your experiences have become more valuable to you than you expected. Why? Because you would be writing everything. This way of going about travelogue-writing is slow but much better than doing through an App.

I have compiled a list of 6 tips which can help you go about writing a travelogue. The list comprises all those things that should be there in your travelogue to give a wholesome account of your travel experiences. So, let us take a look, shall we?

Get A Diary, etc

You cannot start without a good, sturdy diary. While it does not really matter what kind of diary you purchase so long as you know how to go about writing, it is recommended that you go for customized travel diaries which can be shopped at retails stores, both online and offline.

Always go for diaries with clean and beautiful pages. I prefer those diaries whose pages have colorful designs on them. It is a psychological trick: the more attractive the diary looks, the more you would want to write on it.

One important thing to remember: the diary should provide for a reasonable amount of writing space which will allow you to write your accounts elaborately and more comfortably.

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In a travelogue, you have to give importance to highlighting the places you see and the things you do in your travel. Your travelogue should ensure that it gives emphasis to those places you liked the most and the least. You should consider explaining why you have such feedback about those places.

Similarly, you should highlight the things you do aside from visiting places. For example, if you tried out a lot of local food, you should consider making a listicle of the best dishes you have had in that place.

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Talk About How You Got There

One of the many key features of a good travelogue is how informatively it provides details about the route and transportation.

You should consider mentioning the route you took for your journey. Provide reasons why you did not go for the other routes, if available. Describe the experiences you had when you were en route.

In addition, you should provide information about the costs you incurred in transportation. For example, if you traveled in local buses, mention the fare you paid. Also, provide information on what conveyance one should take when in that place. For example, in Japan, taxis are supremely expensive and locals prefer trains.


Where You Stayed

You must mention information about the place you stayed during travel. If you stayed in a hotel, mention details such as how you got to know about it, from where you did the bookings, what were the facilities available and others.

In case you have opted for options where you stay with locals, you should describe how the experience was. Also, mention whether you would recommend those places to other people if given a chance.


What You Should Not Do

Most of us usually know where we want to go and what we want to do when we decide to visit a place. However, very few of us bother studying the things we should not do.

There are many articles available online which might guide you on how to go about traveling any place. You should consider writing them down in your travelogue. Moreover, when traveling, your own personal experiences will teach you about the don’ts, which you might not have come across online.

Go For Pictographic Accounts

Yes, be creative with your travelogue. Add pictures from your travel every time you write an account. Whether it is food, market or anything else you saw, make sure you add pictures of them to make your travelogue looks more informative and interactive.

Remember that you are not making a collage of places you visited and things you did; just a few pictures of the things and places you liked the most would suffice.

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