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Things That Will Surely Surprise Most American Business Travelers In Paris

Paris, France

France and the United States are two extremely lovely countries even though they have some cultural differences. Being an American when you’ll come to Paris, you will be amazed to see the things that you have not seen in the USA before.

Most American business travelers think about the banalities of Paris, however they do not know much information about French ways and habits so they are stunned to see when coming to Paris.

Let’s find out some of the most surprising things about Paris:

Parisians Smoke. A Lot

Smoking! Yes, you will be shocked to see many people smoking in Paris. The people in Paris usually smoke all the time i.e  before breakfast, during breakfast, after breakfast and, so on. For Americans, it’s a major surprise. There is no reason for complaining about smoke, it’s generally a part of Paris. In Paris, It’s banned to smoke inside but smoking on outdoor terraces are absolutely fine for smokers.

Paris, France

The check

Second in our Top 5 things will surely surprise most American business travelers in Paris: the check in restaurants. When first time you being an American went out for your meal in the restaurant and waiter don’t bring the check when you’re almost done. It’s a big surprise for American as this usually doesn’t happen in the USA, but in France waiters always wait for you to call them for the check. You can ask a waiter for a check by simply waving your hand in the air and make eye contact with the waiter or just call him a Madame/Monsieur l’addition s’il vous plait. They will get a check for you.

Paris, France

Closed for business

The closed store or businesses are on third on our Top 5 things that will surprise American business travelers in Paris. France and Paris have a totally different vision of business that the USA. Many will think that French people are lazy but it has something to do with the French wanting to take their time and enjoy it with family. Mostly in the USA, stores are open until late and every day, but in Paris, if you need to go for shopping then do it before Sunday and Monday. You can find many food stores open on Sunday morning but all other stores will be closed. They tend to be closed by max 7:30 or 8 o’clock in the afternoon.

Americans will be more surprising to see that some stores are closed during midday to take some time off for lunch. And, this is what makes the French lifestyle very charming and the most attractive and surprising thing.

Paris, France

Dog Poop is Everywhere, So Watch Your Step

Paris is the most beautiful city and you’ll find many beautiful places to see with astonishing attractions in each direction. But Oops, if you won’t see where you’re walking, you’ll definitely end up stepping in dog poop.

Particularly after the rainy season, be extremely careful to step between parked cars as it’s considered to be an approved place where dog go and peep.

Keep your eyes open on the sidewalk in front of you always so you can keep away from unpleasantries.

Paris, France

Street signs

How can our most surprising list be completed without mentioning about Street signs? Yes, this can also surprise you in a totally different way.  In the United States, generally street signs are attached to poles on each corner, but in Paris, it’s completely different. Blue plaques are attached to building walls in each corner. This can additionally guide you on which street you’re and a bit about the history behind the street name.  Which is quite interesting and surprising as you won’t need a personal guide or internet search to know about the particulars of any street.

So, if you want to know some more information about the Parisian lifestyle, their secrets and the best things to do in Paris, then the best thing to do all this is to visit the Paris once and experience the Parisian lifestyle personally, the history behind the Paris and some funny stories behind the monuments.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Things That Will Surely Surprise Most American Business Travelers In Paris
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