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7 Tips to Help You Sell More Using LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a social network aimed at companies, businesses, and job search. The website connects millions of companies, employees, and references in each sector, based on the profile of each user, who freely displays their work experience and skills.

Of the nine hours a day that an average person uses when surfing the Internet, more than three are dedicated to social networks. The data of the study ” Digital in 2018 “, carried out between the agency We Are Social and the Hootsuite platform, verify the influence that the interactions carried out in these platforms have on the lives of people.

Networks also influence the way companies advertise, serve consumers, sell products, and even how they do business with each other. LinkedIn is one of the most important channels for B2B companies, which need to focus on a more corporate profile. In this post, we give you nine tips for your salesmen to improve business generation through the platform, which already has more than 75 million users in Latin America.

#1: Create an important network of connections

The saying “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are” makes a lot of sense on LinkedIn. Being connected with recognized people in your sector increases the credibility with potential customers.

To increase your connections and also be a bridge with the prospective client:

  • Include the address of your profile in your email signature and on the visiting card.
  • Add faculty friends and former work colleagues.
  • Take advantage of contacts made in courses, lectures, and other events in the area.
  • Add good clients, new ones, and the oldest contact bases.
  • Add interesting contacts created in LinkedIn groups.
  • You can also use some interesting LinkedIn automation software to make the job of connection easier and faster.

#2: Attract good connections with interesting updates on your profile

You must already have heard about how important the use of content production is for company to attract potential customers. That strategy also serves the sellers.

Use the platform’s update space to share interesting articles or news with your connection cycle. And even better if you have written the material and it was published in a channel with a good reputation since it shows your knowledge about the sector for which you are offering solutions.

Avoid making posts about your personal status, announce your resume, or try to sell your product.

#3: Take advantage of the potential of the groups to be well informed

A basic LinkedIn user can participate in up to 100 groups. To improve your positioning as a source of interesting content, try to be an active participant in each of these circles. It is worth keeping in mind the following:

  • Talk about new issues: stay updated about what happens in your sector abroad, read specialized material, discover innovations, seek the opinion of specialists, and start generating discussions.
  • Maintain the frequency: it is of little use to create a topic or comment once a month. Posting weekly makes you gain status as an influencer within a LinkedIn group. Dedicate at least 30 minutes per day to see what is being commented out there.
  • Avoid advertising: if you are going to offer a solution to someone who seems to be a potential client, do so by means of a private message.

#4: Accompany possible prospects

Have you seen a contact in a group and think they have the potential to be your client? Use the “Follow” option to accompany your updates, as they can serve as clues to a more secure approach.

The option to follow is similar to that of connecting, but it does not depend on the other person accepting.

#5: Discover the best time to contact a prospect

Succeeding the timing of the board greatly increases the chances that your offer will be heard.

LinkedIn shows the exact time of update of your connections or the people you follow, which makes it easier to identify when a contact is usually available.

Take advantage of that moment to send a message through the tool itself or make a call. Think that if your prospect has time to comment in groups or update the profile, it is very likely that he will also be available to answer a call during that time.

#6: Take advantage of profile resources

Using a professional photo Profile with photo is 21 times more likely to be visualized, and the average of InMail responses for them is 40% higher. Show your best smile, look at the camera, and invest in clothes that demonstrate professionalism.

Invest in the summary. That’s your “30-second sales pitch.” Concentrate on what you do, how it helps your clients and in the best way so they can establish a contact. Write in first person, avoid topics, and mention skills and experiences that are directly connected to your current work.

Other interesting options are the possibility of adding certifications, presentations through SlideShare, publications on LinkedIn itself or on other blogs. Use that space to make available materials produced by your company, presentations of your products or services or, even, a document with different cases of clients that you have attended.

#7: Develop a good connection with your customers

No one can be more important to a salesperson than their current customers. After all, a satisfied consumer has the potential to be an excellent promoter of their products or services.

When the customer is loyal to a seller, there is a good chance that he will recommend you to people, even before your company. You should be aware of consumer publications, comment on interesting posts, participate in the same groups, recommend quality material, create a relationship of trust and, if possible, get a good recommendation.

Another advice that is worth putting into practice is to recommend your clients for the areas in which they are specialists. This helps establish a relationship of respect and trust.

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