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Best Food Destinations In China

Hong Kong

Chinese food has gained much popularity all over the world for its tanginess, variety of tastes, and the exquisite sumptuousness. The usage of soya sauce has become widely popular thanks to Chinese cuisine!

How can one not resist a delicious serving of Manchurian or the yummiest noodles? Many travelers are eagerly flocking to China to get the authentic taste of the local food during the stay there. Chinese food has got a long history and a great set of influences all over the years.

Here are some of the hottest food destinations in China:

  1. Hong Kong: For the best Cantonese food, this is the perfect place to be. It is also said to be the sweetest of the eight Chinese culinary styles and closest to Western Palate!  Enjoy a delicious serving of seafood and dim sum- which is a light meal with Chinese tea.
  2. Beijing: Peking Duck is one of the classiest Chinese dishes which is exclusive to the country. Incidentally, it has originated from Bejing! However, the city has a unique cuisine of its own called the Jing cuisine. More than rice, the northern Chinese region relies on wheat-based foods such as pancakes, noodles, steam buns. Also, try the Mongolian Hotspot, which is a must try in this place.

    Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China

  3. Chengdu:  For spice lovers, this place has the best food. It can be too hot for the palate but worth it. Try out kung pao chicken, mapo tofu and Sichuan hotpot for the tasteful tongue burn! The wide variety of sauces used here is also another exquisite feature.

    China’s Chengdu

  4. Turpan: For the delicious, whole roast lamb and hand-pulled noodles, Turpan is the right destination to go. Also, try the large flatbreads named Xinjiang. The small town restaurants here and the authentic atmosphere is the biggest highlight here.

    Turpan, China

  5. Xiamen: Chinese food is also known for its remarkable sweet and sour combination in the gravies and sauces made. For amazing seafood for such flavors, visit Xiamen. Also, indulge in a wide variety of spices and soups.

    Xiamen, China

  6. Guangzhou: For the original Cantonese food, visit Guangzhou where the pearl river Delta cities are situated. Indulge in roast pig, white cut chicken, and the Chinese special dish Spring Rolls with multiple styled fillings.

    Guangzhou, China

  7. Macau:  Here one can get an interesting mix of Portuguese and Chinese food., because of it being a formal ruling colony. The menu here is quite fusion style instead of a purist Chinese, but still worth to taste it to the heart’s consent!


  8. Xi’an: Exotic meal platters like camel, donkey while viewing a Tang Dynasty show is the biggest highlight of visiting this place. Northwest Chinese food can be found in its best form here. The cuisine here might look similar to Bejing but with less buns and dumplings.

    Xi'an, China

  9. Lhasa: Chinese food also has a strong influence on Tibetian cuisine. Lhasa has the best fusion of Chinese and Tibet food but also venture into Lijiang, Dijang, and Dali in Yunnan.  Also visit Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan Province is quite special for Chinese food.

    Potala Palace, Lhasa

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