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World’s Best Water Sports Destinations, 2019

Kite Surfing

For the sweltering heat of summer and hazy sunshine, the perfect way to spend a holiday is with indulging in water sports. They offer the adrenaline rush, thrill, and also quite fun factor along with good health benefits for the traveler. Many travelers are in an active lookout for water sports destinations which bring the best of thrill to them.

2019 has come up with some exciting water sports locations which have been making much noise in Instagram feeds of many travelers. Here are some best water sports destinations in the year 2019 which you cannot afford to miss this summer, also read These Are The Best Water Sports You Must Try In 2019.

It’s time to hit the water.

World’s Best Water Sports Destinations, 2019

  1. The Caribbean for Bodyboarding (Score: 95.7): The Cayman islands in the Caribbean is quite a great option for bodyboarding sports. The tropical climate of the Caribbean is another additional perk for all those who want a bit of fun summer this year! Get a feel of Caribbean blues this year!
  2. Famara, Lanzarote, Canary Islands for Surfing (Score: 93.9): This amazing beach is quite secluded, and away from the hustle bustle of urban Europe on the coast of Lanzarote. The summer months start from July for suffers as the water is calmer and friendly. For beginners who want to get a feel of how surfing works, Playa de Famara is the perfect place.
  3. Brisbane, Australia for Scuba Diving (Score: 93.4): Brisbane offers not just scuba diving but also great opportunities for suffers all over the world. The abundance of breathtaking wildlife can catch your attention during the dive. Dive the HMAS Brisbane, a sunken navy ship which is off the coast near the city.
  4. Greece for Water Skiing (Score:90.5): The crystal blue waters of Aegean sea is a perfect spot for water skiing. Thee calmer waves slowly gather pace to give more thrill and adventurous outlook for the skier. Rhodes in Greece is particularly thrilling to do water skiing at a rocket pace which offers the amazing thrill and adventurous vibes.
  5. Lake Tahoe, the United States for Kayaking (Score: 88.5): While this sport is often associated with tough rapids, the boats can also be enthralled in calmer waters. Paddling over the serene waters of Lake Tahoe in California is a perfect activity to keep your mind off the busy schedules.
  6. Miami, United States for Jet Skiing (Score: 84.7): For all those who love a bit of aggressive thrill, Jet Skiing is the perfect option. The open waters of Atlantic are a breathtaking sight during the sport. Moreover, Florida is a state which is quite tourist friendly and attracts travelers all around the year.
  7. Spain for Windsurfing (Score: 81.5): The beautiful coastline of Costa de la Luz can be experienced in the best way with windsurfing. The Spanish province of Cadiz hosts an annual competition and also many world windsurfing competitions take place here.
  8. Morocco for Kitesurfing (Score: 78.6): Essaouira, the coast of Morocco offers excellent kitesurfing options for the world traveler. The summer months are so perfect here that one can enjoy the Mediterranean waters through kitesurfing in challenging water currents!
  9. San Diego, the United States for Powerboating (Score: 75.8): Perfect weather conditions, blue waters and amazing landscapes make San Diego a great option for power boating. Many private yachts casually cruise along the coastline and it is a delight to watch during the sport.
  10. Tofino, British Columbia, Canada for Surfing (Score: 72.6): Tofino, the small village (1,932 residents) on the west coast of Vancouver Island has a wilderness and a unique relaxing atmosphere. With its many beaches and high quality waves, Tofino should be a top priority on any surfing lovers’ bucket list!

World's 10 Best Water Sports Destinations, 2019

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